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Fortify Status Effect in Diablo 4

An overview of the Fortify Status Effect in Diablo 4.




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Status Effect NameEffect Description
FortifyReduces damage taken by players or enemies

Fortify is a Status Effect that applies a x% damage reduction bonus.

Players become fortified when their amount of Fortify is higher than their current Life/Health.
Fortify decreases at the same rate as Health when hit by an attack.

How to Apply Fortify

Fortify can be applied by both the player and enemies. Different classes have different ways of gaining Fortify. Some skills, items, and passives can cause this effect. Some Legendary Aspects can also enhance this effect, such as the Aspect of Numbing WrathAspect of Numbing Wrath.

Here are some examples of Skills or Passives related to the Fortify Status Effect:

BarbarianMighty War CryMighty War CryThick SkinThick Skin
DruidPreserving Earthen BulwarkPreserving Earthen BulwarkSafeguardSafeguard
NecromancerInitiate's HemorrhageInitiate’s HemorrhageDrain VitalityDrain Vitality

How to Recognize Fortify

Fortify is displayed as a red shield that overlaps the players health orb.

Additional Information About Fortify

  • A Health Potion only restores a portion of normal life (Health), not Fortify level.
  • Overpower attacks gain +2% damage per 1% of your Base Life you have in Fortify.
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