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Jeweler Overview

In Diablo 4, players can greatly improve their equipment and progress through the game by using Jeweler features, such as unsocketing gems, adding sockets, and crafting gems. This guide will explain how to use the Jeweler and all these features. We also have a guide that covers the entire gear system within Diablo 4, which is relevant and which we recommend reading as well:

Gear Systems in Diablo 4

How to Unlock The Jeweler

When you play the game for the first time, you have to reach Level 20 to receive a new objective, which will then direct you to Kratia, the Jeweler in Kyovashad within Fractured Peaks, as a priority quest.

How to Craft Gems

Upon completing the quest, you will have access to the crafting system and can create any gem you desire, provided you have the necessary materials. The system allows for the creation of more potent gems, by using gemstone fragments that have been found or dropped. Gem fragments can be discovered throughout the world, as drops from Whisper Caches, or obtained by defeating enemies. The higher the tier of gem that is crafted, the more fragments it will cost. The same naturally applies to further tiers as well, and so on.

Gem Types

Gems in Diablo 4 are divided into several types, each offering unique bonuses and providing varying stats depending on the socket they are placed in.

Gem TypeUnlocks at LevelWeaponArmorJewelry
Chipped AmethystChipped Amethyst20+4.0% Damage Over Time+6 Strength9% Shadow Resistance
AmethystAmethyst40+8.0% Damage Over Time+12 Strength21% Shadow Resistance
Flawless AmethystFlawless Amethyst60+12.0% Damage Over Time+18 Strength33% Shadow Resistance
Royal AmethystRoyal Amethyst90+18.0% Damage Over Time+27 Strength45% Shadow Resistance
Chipped EmeraldChipped Emerald20+6.0% Critical Strike Damage+6 Dexterity9% Poison Resistance
EmeraldEmerald40+10.0% Critical Strike Damage+12 Dexterity21% Poison Resistance
Flawless EmeraldFlawless Emerald60+14.0% Critical Strike Damage+18 Dexterity33% Poison Resistance
Royal EmeraldRoyal Emerald90+20.0% Critical Strike Damage+27 Dexterity45% Poison Resistance
Chipped RubyChipped Ruby20+12.0% Overpower Damage+2.0% Maximum Life9% Fire Resistance
RubyRuby40+24.0% Overpower Damage+4.0% Maximum Life21% Fire Resistance
Flawless RubyFlawless Ruby60+36.0% Overpower Damage+6.0% Maximum Life33% Fire Resistance
Royal RubyRoyal Ruby90+54.0% Overpower Damage+9.0% Maximum Life45% Fire Resistance
Chipped TopazChipped Topaz20+10.0% Basic Damage+6 Intelligence9% Lightning Resistance
TopazTopaz40+20.0% Basic Damage+12 Intelligence21% Lightning Resistance
Flawless TopazFlawless Topaz60+30.0% Basic Damage+18 Intelligence33% Lightning Resistance
Royal TopazRoyal Topaz90+45.0% Basic Damage+27 Intelligence45% Lightning Resistance
Chipped SapphireChipped Sapphire20+6.0% Vulnerable Damage+6 Willpower9% Cold Resistance
SapphireSapphire40+10.0% Vulnerable Damage+12 Willpower21% Cold Resistance
Flawless SapphireFlawless Sapphire60+14.0% Vulnerable Damage+18 Willpower33% Cold Resistance
Royal SapphireRoyal Sapphire90+20.0% Vulnerable Damage+27 Willpower45% Cold Resistance
Chipped DiamondChipped Diamond20+7.5% Ultimate Damage+4.0% Barrier Generation1.5% Resistance to All Elements
DiamondDiamond40+15.0% Ultimate Damage+6.0% Barrier Generation3.0% Resistance to All Elements
Flawless DiamondFlawless Diamond60+22.5% Ultimate Damage+8.0% Barrier Generation4.5% Resistance to All Elements
Royal DiamondRoyal Diamond90+35.0% Ultimate Damage+11.0% Barrier Generation6.0% Resistance to All Elements
Chipped SkullChipped Skull20+3 Life On Kill+4.5% Healing Received+75 Armor
SkullSkull40+18 Life On Kill+8.0% Healing Received+225 Armor
Flawless SkullFlawless Skull60+33 Life On Kill+11.5% Healing Received+375 Armor
Royal SkullRoyal Skull90+48 Life On Kill+15.0% Healing Received+525 Armor

Visiting the Jeweler and upgrading gems will result in even better stats when placed in your gear.

How to Add Sockets

Aside from crafting gems, you can also place gems in sockets on your characters’ gear to boost their stats. The following types of gear can have sockets:

  • Head – 1 Socket
  • Chest – 2 Sockets
  • Pants – 2 Sockets
  • Amulet – 1 Socket
  • Ring – 1 Socket
  • 1-Handed Weapon – 1 Socket
  • 2-Handed Weapon – 2 Sockets
  • Off-Hand Focus – 1 Socket
  • Bow – 2 Sockets

However, some items drop without any sockets. In such cases, you can visit the Jeweler to manually add a socket to the item, but this will require a Scattered PrismScattered Prism. These can be obtained by looting treasure Goblins, completing legion events, or as a drop from World Bosses, such as Ashava the Pestilent.

How to Remove Gems from Sockets

The Jeweler allows you to remove gems from item sockets, for a price. This costs a certain amount of Gold, with the cost going up as the Item Power of the item itself increases.

Removing gems this way is only useful if you wish to replace the gem with a different type of higher quality of gem. Otherwise, if you are simply upgrading the gear piece itself (and plan to salvage it), paying to have the gem removed is pointless, since the act of salvaging it is free of cost and returns your gem to you. Check out our Blacksmith Guide for more information about how to salvage items.

Blacksmith Guide

Overall, the Jeweler is an important NPC that should be visited on a regular basis to help you improve your equipment and advance through your Diablo 4 journey.

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