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What is the Tree of Whispers?

In Diablo 4, a system similar to the Bounty System in Diablo 3 was introduced: the Tree of Whispers.

After unlocking the Tree of Whispers, you will embark on a journey through the vast world of Sanctuary, where you can engage in a variety of objectives based on the presence of Whispers on the map. 

Referred to as “Whispers”, these objectives encompass a wide range of activities such as Dungeons, Open World Events, encounters with World Bosses, explorations of Cellars, and even engaging in thrilling PvP activities. 

Here are the types of Whispers that currently exist: 

  • Assassination
  • Dungeon
  • Harvest Anima
  • Local Events
  • PvP
  • World Events
  • Culling

Each Whisper will grant Experience, Gold, and Grim Favors. Completing enough Whispers (as we will see below) will eventually lead to a greater reward.

One of the possible objectives to undertake asks players to locate a specific “body” to interact with, which will then trigger the appearance of the targeted enemy that requires elimination. By simply clicking on the corresponding icon on the map, you can uncover the precise area where the body can potentially spawn.

Whispers of the Dead Map Diablo 4

Unlocking the Tree of Whispers

In the final act of the campaign, you will unlock the Tree of Whispers, a giant tree from which many severed heads are hanging, in the swamp region of Hawezar, Sanctuary. The event itself is only available after completing the entire campaign, as part of Diablo 4’s endgame content. 

After unlocking the Tree of Whispers, you will find a dedicated Waypoint to easily access and engage with the tree, as it is a core part of the endgame journey.

At the Tree, you can complete Whispers of the Dead, which offers rewards when enough Whispers have been completed around the world.

Completing Whispers of the Dead

Upon successfully completing a Whisper objective in the world, you will be rewarded with valuable Grim Favors.

The number of Grim Favors received is influenced by the difficulty and time invested in accomplishing the objective, with more challenging or time consuming tasks yielding a greater amount of Grim Favors. These rewards are visually distinguished on the world map, as more rewarding objectives are prominently displayed in a deep red color, while less rewarding ones appear in pastel red or pink hues.

It is important to note that the activities associated with Grim Favors are gated daily. This means that players who manage to complete all the deep red objectives in a given day will eventually exhaust their availability until the next cycle.

To keep you informed of your progress and the current state of Grim Favors, the world map features a dedicated gauge located at the bottom of the screen. This gauge serves as a visual representation of your collection of Grim Favors.

As you accumulate Grim Favors by completing objectives, the gauge gradually fills up. Once the Grim Favors gauge reaches its maximum capacity, which occurs after collecting 10 Grim Favors, you must return to the Tree of Whispers. The area in which the Tree of Whispers is located is indicated by a skull with red branches icon on the map, in the northeastern part of Hawezar.

Tree of Whispers on Map Diablo 4


Once you have earned a total of 10 Grim Favors, you will be able to head back to the tree to collect a reward. This reward includes valuable elements such as XP that helps character progression, Gold, Forgotten SoulForgotten Soul, Temper Manuals, and a choice of one out of 3 caches.

Tree of Whispers Cache Reward Interface Diablo 4

The Tree can reward you with the following choices for caches: 1-Handed Weapons, 2-Handed Weapons, Amulets, Boots, Chaos, Chest Armors, Gloves, Helms, Leg Armors, and Rings. Whisper Caches will always only reward items of the specified equipment slot instead of having a chance to include a random item of any equipment slot.

Additionally, Gem Fragments drop more frequently from Whisper Caches than from regular sources.

These caches have great potential as there is a high chance of receiving Legendary items, and even Nightmare Sigils. Especially in regards to the latter, the Tree of Whispers seems to be a great source of acquiring them, and the tier for Nightmare Sigils rewarded from Whisper Caches will always be within 5 Levels of the highest-level Nightmare Dungeon the player has completed. Check out our related Nightmare Dungeon Guide to learn more about Sigils.

Nightmare Dungeons

In addition to these sought-after items, the cache may also include various crafting materials such as herbs, ore, and other valuable resources.

It appears possible to complete the Whispers of the Dead bounty multiple times per day (since there are more Whispers activities on the map than are required for a single set of 10 Grim Favors), but eventually, you will run out of Whispers and will have to wait for a new day.


Whispers of the Dead are intentionally designed to be rather easy, but fun, with a low difficulty level. This provides a relaxed and flexible gameplay experience, allowing you to choose objectives based on your preferences. 

Additionally, the different kinds of objectives let you do things that match your playstyle, making the event enjoyable, and personalized.

Challenges and Achievements

In addition to getting valuable rewards and experience, you can accomplish several achievements at the Tree of Whispers. These achievements will reward you with Titles.

Here are some examples of Titles that may be rewarded for handing in grim favors:

AchievementDescriptionPlayer Titles Rewards
Whisper NoviceComplete a WhisperApprentice, Traveler
Whisper ExpertComplete a Whisper of each type (Assassination, Dungeon, Harvest Anima, Local Events, PvP, World Events, Culling)Bewitching, Reaper
Tree of Whispers SupplicantComplete a Silent Offering for the Tree of WhispersBitter, Mercy
Tree of Whispers AspirantComplete 25 Silent Offerings for the Tree of WhispersCommitted, Aspirant
Tree of Whispers DevoteeComplete 100 Silent Offerings for the Tree of WhispersDedicated, Devotee
Just RewardReceive each type of cache from the Tree of Whispers (1 Handed Weapons, 2 Handed Weapons, Amulets, Boots, Chaos, Chest Armors, Gloves, Helms, Leg Armors, Rings)Bejeweled, Bounty
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