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Paragon Glyphs in Diablo 4: All you Need to Know (Season 4)

All you need to know about Glyphs!




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What are Paragon Glyphs?

Paragon Glyphs are items that you start to acquire as soon as you hit Level 50 while playing in World Tier 3 or higher. They are very powerful items that you can slot into Glyph slots on your Paragon Board. They provide a much deeper customization option for your Endgame builds due to the sheer amount of them. If you find one that is better for your build, you may remove them from the Paragon Board without any penalty .

Glyph Rarities

Glyphs come in two rarities: Rare and Magic, as soon as you hit level 50 and unlock the Paragon board, you start with level 1 versions of every Magic Glyph. As far as your Rare Glyphs are concerned, they start dropping from Dungeons and various other endgame activities as soon as you hit Level 50 and are in at least World Tier 3.

Glyph Levels

Glyphs start at level 1 and are leveled up by applying experience to them after finishing Nightmare Dungeons. Glyphs require more and more experience to reach the next level as you level them up.

The higher the Tier of the Nightmare Dungeon you complete the more experience you will be able to apply to your Glyphs at the end of it.

Nightmare Dungeons Guide

Glyph Radius Explained

Each Magic Glyph starts with a radius of two and increase to a radius of three at Glyph Level 4. Rare Glyphs start with a radius of three and increase to a radius of four at Glyph Level 15.

You may be wondering why the radius matters. Every Glyph, at a minimum, has a secondary effect that is activated once you have a certain amount of a specific attribute allocated within the radius of the Glyph. You will always want to try and hit this threshold to unlock the secondary effect of each Glyph.

Furthermore, most Glyphs will give an increased bonus based on how much of a specific attribute (normally the same one that unlocks the secondary effect) you have allocated within its radius.

Glyph Experience

Below, we have a table based on data mining and testing. We first list the amount of experience required for each Glyph level, and then the total amount required for a specific level. We have found out that the amount of experience gained from Nightmare Dungeons is a simple formula.

The Glyph XP per dungeon starts at 4 XP for a Tier 1 and increases by 2 XP for each tier above that. For example, a Tier 2 gives 6 XP, a Tier 10 gives 22 XP, a Tier 20 gives 42 XP and so on until Tier 100 which gives 202 XP.

The amount of XP required to level a Glyph is as follows:

Level of GlyphExperience to levelTotal XP requiredIncrease from previous level


Glyphs are going to be a vital part of increasing your power in the endgame of Diablo 4, and we hope that this guide has helped you understand how they work, where to get them, and how to increase their power by leveling them up. Be sure to check out our build guides to see what Glyphs are important for your build so you can start leveling them up as soon as possible!

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