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Diablo IV Campaign Guide: Quick Steps for All Acts and Quests.




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1. Guide Format

This guide has been organized by the main quest acts that players can choose from in Diablo 4, so that it is easy to follow the optimal path for leveling, and questing.

Use the Table of Contents below to jump to any act guide. Additionally, there is a button at the end of each page that can take you to the next act guide.

2. Introduction

Welcome to our Quick Reference Leveling guide for Diablo 4.

This guide is here to help players effectively progress through their campaign by providing step-by-step instructions and the recommended order for completing acts. However, if your main goal is to level up quickly in a new season, we recommend skipping the campaign entirely, and focusing on endgame content leveling. In such cases, please refer directly to our dedicated section on ‘Leveling after the campaign.’ Regardless of your preferred approach, this guide is designed to accommodate your needs. (Keep in mind, however, that you have to complete the campaign at least once on your account, in order to be able to skip it.)

Additionally, please note that activities such as side dungeons, side quests, or general renown tasks, have not been included in this guide as they do not offer significant experience that would boost leveling speed. However, if you enjoy completing every task in the game, feel free to deviate from our suggested path and explore additional quests as you see fit.

3. First Steps

The story of Diablo 4 begins with a brief prologue, where players find themselves in a frigid cave after creating their character. Their objective is to reach the main city, Kyovashad. Upon arrival, players are presented with three choices for the main quest acts: Act I, Act II, or Act III, each leading to a different zone.

While the campaign itself follows a fairly linear path, the order in which players complete the acts depends on their initial choice. In this guide, we will cover the acts in the order of 1-2-3-4-5-6. However, if players decide to start with Act 3 (Dry Steppes) before tackling anything in Act 1 (Fractured Peaks) or Act 2 (Scosglen), the order would be slightly altered.

By completing Act 3 first, players will be directly transported to Kehjistan for a quest before proceeding to Act 5 in Hawezar. They will then need to go through Act 5, and Act 4 before returning to the other acts.

However, if you prefer to follow the normal path (which we highly recommend!), this guide covers a list of quests, and their respective steps, in the order of Act 1-2-3-4-5-6.

Before diving into the guide, there’s one more thing to keep in mind. If you want to progress through the campaign quickly, there are two options available. For normal cutscenes, you can quickly skip them by pressing the ‘Escape’ key. However, for longer cutscenes or cinematics, you can skip them by holding down the ‘Escape’ key.

4. Prologue – Wandering

Dusk on the Mountain

  1. After character creation, you’ll be in a cold cave in Fractured Peaks.
  2. Open the map and head to Nevesk, killing enemies and gathering resources.
  3. Talk to Oswen and Vani in the left home, then follow Vani to the Tavern.
  4. If needed, heal or buy/sell armor from the NPCs in the Tavern.
  5. Vani asks for your help in protecting the town from the ruins.

Darkness Within

  1. Head towards the Icehowl Ruins north of Nevesk.
  2. Enter the dungeon gates and progress through hallways and doors.
  3. Reach a room with two doors, one leading to enemies. Defeat them.
  4. Continue through the rooms, opening bigger doors, and use the healing well if needed.
  5. Proceed through the path behind the second healing well.
  6. In a room with a decapitated Priest, interact with him to start the boss fight.
  7. Defeat X’Fal The Scarred Baron, evading his mace swings and killing the adds he summons.
  8. Collect dropped items and exit the dungeon via the rope on the left.

A Hero’s Return

  1. Return to Nevesk and speak with Vani.
  2. Enjoy the feast, but be cautious as the villagers have ulterior motives…

A Hero’s Reward

  1. After the cutscene, Iosef will save you. Defeat the villagers.
  2. Speak with Iosef and collect the chapel key from Vani’s body.

Prayers for Salvation

  1. Follow Iosef to the Chapel and talk to him.
  2. Use the key to enter the Chapel and interact with the blood petals.
  3. Watch the cutscene and speak with Iosef afterwards.

In Search of Answers

  1. Iosef instructs you to head north and find a Hermit.
  2. Follow the path, optionally picking up the first Altar of Lilith.
  3. Reach the hermit’s cabin and go inside.
  4. Interact with the bookshelf to open the way to another room.
  5. Interact with the strange skull on the table for a cutscene.
  6. Start your journey to Kyovashad after the cutscene.

Rite of Passage

  1. Follow the path north to reach Kyovashad.
  2. Talk to Lorath near the gates and perform the cleansing ritual.
  3. Pick up the Holy Cedar Tablets from the shrine and choose a Sin.
  4. Throw the chosen Sin into the Brazier and speak to the guard to enter town.

Missing Pieces

  1. Find Lorath by the horses on the left and talk to him.
  2. Activate the waypoint in Kyovashad.
  3. Talk to the merchant in town and buy the weapon requested by Lorath.
  4. Collect the Strange Amulet from the vendor and give both items to Lorath.

You can now continue your journey through Act 1, Act 2, or Act 3 from this point. It is recommended to proceed with Act 1 based on level requirements.

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