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Season Blessings in Diablo 4 (Season 4)

Unlock small bonuses in Diablo 4 with Blessings for each Season!




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Diablo 4 provides players with various types of content to enjoy, and challenges to immerse themselves in. One standout feature that adds even more variety to the game is the addition of Seasons, and their corresponding Season Blessings.

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Season Blessings Explained

What exactly are Season Blessings? These Blessings are small bonuses that enhance various aspects of the gameplay experience, such as increased experience points, travel speed, elixir duration, and more. These bonuses can be obtained simply by engaging in specific gameplay activities or meeting certain Season Journey goals.

It is important to note that Season Blessings, and the currency used to unlock them, known as Smoldering Ashes, are tied to each season. When a season ends, both the Blessings and Smoldering Ashes reset, providing a fresh start for the next season.

Unlocking Season Blessings

So, how can you obtain Season Blessings? Each season in Diablo 4 introduces a Battle Pass, which consists of a certain amount of free tiers, as well as premium tiers. You can access the free tier rewards simply by playing the game. Among the various rewards available in the free tiers, you will find a resource called Smoldering Ashes.

Smoldering Ashes serve as the currency for unlocking Season Blessings. By accumulating Smoldering Ashes, you can gain access to, and activate, the Blessings of your choosing.

Please note that there is a specific character level requirement to earn Smoldering Ashes, which may vary for each season. The level requirement is done to ensure that the currency cannot be obtained solely by purchasing battle pass tiers, and encourages players to progress through regular gameplay.

Battle Pass Smoldering Ashes Tiers are redeemed automatically. They do not have to be claimed.

The Different Blessings 

As previously mentioned, you can choose from a variety of Blessings to suit your playstyle. Each Blessing offers a unique bonus, and you can also level up each Blessing, making them even more powerful. The combination of stacked and leveled-up Season Blessings allows you to customize your character’s strengths, and adapt your gameplay to what you enjoy most.

All Blessings can be upgraded up to 4 times, and each level offers a percentage increase for its unique bonus, varying from +5% to +15% in function of the Urn.

These are the three new Season 4 Blessings:

  • Urn of Nightmares: Boost Paragon Glyph XP earned in Nightmare Dungeons.
  • Urn of Iron: Boost reputation with the Iron Wolves from Helltide activities.
  • Urn of Burning Chaos: Boost the amoutn of Obols you can find in Helltide chests


Season Blessings in Diablo 4 are a great addition to the overall gaming experience due to small boosts for experience points, loot, and other useful bonuses. By earning gameplay and season achievements, as well as meeting character level requirements, you can collect Smoldering Ashes to unlock, and activate your preferred Blessings. On top of that, the ability to stack, and level up Blessings, provides you with greater customization and variety in your gameplay.

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