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Season Journey for Season 3 of Diablo 4

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Note: Our suggestions on which are easiest to complete will be marked by an asterisk* for when you do not have to complete all of them.

Chapter 1

The Season Journey will help you through the game and reward you along the way. Each objective completed gives Favor to progress the Battle Pass. Get out there and slay some demons!

Rewards: First Journey Cache, Aspect of Sundered GroundAspect of Sundered Ground (Barbarian Aspect), Virulent AspectVirulent Aspect (Druid Aspect), Shattered Spirit's AspectShattered Spirit’s Aspect (Necromancer Aspect), Resistant Assailant's AspectResistant Assailant’s Aspect (Rogue Aspect), Aspect of Shredding BladesAspect of Shredding Blades (Sorcerer Aspect).

Objectives (Must complete 6/8 to finish the chapter)

  • Beneath the Sands – Complete 1 Dungeon in Kehjistan.
  • * Trouble in the Wilds – Complete 2 World Events found on your map.
  • * Test of Mettle – Defeat 5 Elite Monsters
  • * Eerie Harvest – Collect 15 Lifesbane, found in Kehjistan.
  • Waste Not – Salvage 10 Magic items at the Blacksmith.
  • * Soulless Threat – Defeat 100 Constructs
  • * Inauguration of Power – Equip a Governing stone to your Construct
  • * Tiny Clarity – Upgrade your Potion to Tiny at the Alchemist 

Chapter 2

Continue your journey. Secure Strongholds to gain access to new Waypoints and Dungeons. Complete Cellars and Dungeons for resources, and gear to increase your power. Keep your Elixirs stocked and mind your Gems.

Rewards: Second Journey Cache, Devilish AspectDevilish Aspect (Barbarian), Aspect of the AlphaAspect of the Alpha (Druid), Aspect of Exposed FleshAspect of Exposed Flesh (Necromancer), Infiltrator's AspectInfiltrator’s Aspect (Rogue), Aspect of Frozen OrbitAspect of Frozen Orbit (Sorcerer).

Objectives (Must complete 6/8 to finish this chapter)

  • Ruins Reclaimed – Conquer a Stronghold.
  • * Undertaker – Complete 4 Cellars
  • * Finer Clarity – Upgrade your Potion to Minor at the Alchemist
  • Susurration – Open a Silent Chest, found randomly in Sanctuary, with a Whispering Key from the Purveyor of Curiosities
  • * Path to Strength – Unlock 6 Aspects in the Codex of Power.
  • * Wellspring of Power – Acquire 4 Governing Stones
  • * Lapidarist Novice – Craft 1 Uncertain Seneschal Stone Caches at the Jeweler
  • * A Master at Work – Complete 3 World Events with Mastery

Chapter 3

Reach greater heights. Upgrade your gear, indulge in Curiosities, achieve mastery, stockpile survival tools, and fight the largest monsters in Sanctuary. From here, your journey becomes even more challenging.

Rewards: Third Journey Cache, Aspect of Limitless RageAspect of Limitless Rage (Barbarian), Aspect of the Dark HowlAspect of the Dark Howl(Druid), Blood Getter's AspectBlood Getter’s Aspect (Necromancer), Ravager's AspectRavager’s Aspect (Rogue), Everliving AspectEverliving Aspect (Sorcerer).

Objectives (must 9/11 objectives to finish this chapter)

  • * Touching the Eternal – Unlock 13 Aspects in the Codex of Power.
  • Champion of the Lost – Conquer three Strongholds.
  • * Grim Claim – Obtain 10 Caches from the Tree of Whispers by completing Whispers.
  • * Play for Keeps – Defeat Malphas, Keeper of the Vault
  • * Expert Deconstruction – Defeat 50 Elite Constructs
  • * Kill the Messengers – Defeat 9 Vault Heralds summoned at Braziers
  • * Plexus Array – Acquire 14 Tuning Stones
  • * Exceptional Potency –Upgrade your Potion to Moderate at the Alchemist.
  • * Battle Hardened – Reach level 35
  • Predator and Prey – Defeat 100 Monsters while Bloodmarked in Hostile Areas

Chapter 4

Ready yourself and venture into the most dangerous place of all – the more hellish shadows of the world, places where Mephisto’s hatred has left lingering traces. Enter the nightmare.

Rewards: Fourth Journey Cache, Aspect of Encroaching WrathAspect of Encroaching Wrath (Barbarian), Aspect of Nature's SavageryAspect of Nature’s Savagery (Druid), Aspect of SerrationAspect of Serration (Necromancer), Snap Frozen AspectSnap Frozen Aspect(Rogue), and Aspect of Frozen MemoriesAspect of Frozen Memories (Sorcerer).

Objectives (complete 9/11 objectives to finish this chapter)

  • Quelled Hatred – Purify 100 Seeds of Hatred obtained in Hostile areas at an Altar of Extraction
  • * The Bigger They Are – Defeat 1 World Boss
  • * Hard Fought Victory – Complete 1 Legion Event
  • * Scouring the Vaults – Complete 10 Vaults
  • * Zoltun’s Prize – Unlock 1 Wardwoven Chest by preserving Zoltun’s Warding
  • * Turning the Tide – Defeat 30 Vault Heralds summoned at Braziers
  • * Facing Dark Terrors – Complete 1 Nightmare Vault
  • * Harnessing Nightmares – Craft a Vault Sigil at the Occultist
  • * Guilt – Defeat the Echo of Varshan (Tier 3).
  • * Grim Reward – Obtain 20 Caches from the Tree of Whispers by completing Whispers.
  • * Beginning of the End – Reach level 55

Slayer (Chapter 5)

You are now inarguably a paragon. Strengthen your glyphs through ventures into Nightmare Dungeons, continue to upgrade your Legendary Items, venture into places where Hell itself intrudes upon Sanctuary. You can handle it.

Rewards: Slayer’s Cache , Aspect of AdaptabilityAspect of Adaptability (All Classes), Juggernaut's AspectJuggernaut’s Aspect (All Classes), Seneschal Ideogram (Emblem)

Objectives (complete 9/11 objectives to finish this chapter)

  • * Blessing of the Strong – Equip Sacred Legendaries in every slot.
  • * Prophecy Pluripotent – Open six different types of Tortured Gifts during a Helltide.
  • * Heads of the Snake – Defeat 6 Helltide Commanders During Helltides
  • * Vanquishing Hell’s Best – Defeat 100 Champion Monsters
  • * Overcoming Terrors – Complete 20 Nightmare Vaults
  • * Lapidarist Proficient – Craft 50 Uncertain Seneschal Stone Caches at the Jeweler
  • * Seneschal Ascendant -Advance 1 Tuning stone to Rank 10
  • * Confronting Ancestral Terror – Complete a Tier 21 or higher Nightmare Vault
  • * Shock and Awe – Defeat Grigore in World Tier 4.
  • Invasion of Privacy – Rummage through Wardwoven chests until you have read all of Zoltun Kulle’s Journal entries

Champion (Chapter 6)

At this point, you know how to get stronger, and what challenges lie in store for you. Can you overcome them?

Rewards: Champion’s Cache , Epic Favor

Objectives (must complete 8/10 to finish this chapter)

  • * Heir to Transcendence – Equip Ancestral Legendary Items in every slot.
  • * Veteran of Ashes – Acquire 6666 Cinders during Helltides.
  • * Harbinger of Ice – Defeat the Beast in the Ice in World Tear 4.
  • * Forgiveness – Defeat Lord Zir in World Tier 4.
  • * Keeper of Nothing – Defeat Echo of Malphas in World Tier 4.
  • Zoltun’s Treasures – Unlock 50 Wardwoven Chests by preserving Zoltun’s Warding
  • * Panoply of Power – Acquire all 12 Governing Stones
  • * Plexus Arsenal – Acquire 25 Tuning Stones
  • Mephisto’s Bane – Purify 33,333 Seeds of Hatred obtained in Hostile areas at an Alter of Extraction
  • * Bastion of Humanity – Reach level 90.

Destroyer (Chapter 7)

Complete your Paragon journey. Defeat the most challenging foes. Fully immerse yourself in the ordeals you face.

Rewards: Destroyer’s Cache, Demon’s and Whisper Titles, Malphas Image (Emblem)

Objectives (you must earn 9/11 to finish this chapter)

  • * Exterminator – Defeat Duriel in World Tier 4.
  • * Avatar of Sanctuary’s Might – Equip at least 8 Ancestral Unique items simultaneously.
  • * Glyphmaster – Improve 5 Paragon Glyphs to rank 15.
  • * Seneschal Supremacy – Equip 4 different types of Legendary Tuning Stones that are rank 10 to your construct.
  • Blessed Mother Departed – Kill the Echo of Lilith in World Tier 4.
  • Not All Who Wander – Defeat 5 Seething Abomination while Bloodmarked in Hostile areas.
  • * Master of the Vaults – Complete a Tier 90 Nightmare Vault.
  • * Lootmaster – Open 10 Tortured gifts in a single Helltide.
  • * Death Comes for Us All – Defeat the World Boss, the Wandering Death twice in World Tier 4.
  • * Treasures of the Damned – Defeat the World Boss, Avarice the Gold Cursed twice in World Tier 4.
  • * Unyielding Scourge – Defeat the World Boss, Ashava the Pestilent twice in World Tier 4.
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