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Echo of Malphas Boss Guide (Season 3)

Echo of Malphas: How to Face the Loom Master of Diablo 4!




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The new boss that you will encounter in the Season of the Construct, Malphas, makes his first appearance during the seasonal story questline.

Malphas has taken over Zoltun Kulle’s laboratory, and is using the Loom to control powerful constructs and terrorize the people of Sanctuary. In this guide, we will cover how you can locate Malphas, how to defeat him, and which rewards you can obtain from slaying this powerful enemy!

Malphas Location

To find Malphas, you have to complete the Season 3 story quest and gain access to the new player hub, the Gatehall, located beneath Kehjistan. After unlocking the Vault gates, you will find Malphas within the Vault of the Loom.

You will first encounter a story version of the boss as part of the season questline. This initial encounter will provide first insights into Malphas’ mechanics and power.

The Echo of Malphas will be Level 100.

After defeating the story version of Malphas, and once you reach World Tier 4, you will unlock access to the Echo version of this boss, which is going to be much stronger and more rewarding.

How to Summon Malphas

The Echo of Malphas will not be accessible at the start of the game. The boss will only be available in World Tier 4 (Torment), and you will have to fulfill certain requirements:

You must first find 7 Igneous Cores, which are solely needed for summoning Malphas, as well as 250 Shattered Stones. Igneous Cores can drop from Vault Heralds and are certain to drop from Malphas’ Son in World Tier IV.

You will need to fight through four minor vaults before you can engage Malphas, just as it was during the campaign. Once you have collected all four keystones from these vaults, you will be able to enter the final boss area.

Boss Mechanics

When you enter the Vault of the Loom and before fighting your way to Malphas, we recommend taking about 40 stacks of Zoltun’s Warding. Being hit by traps will consume stacks, just like any other Vault run, as will being hit by any traps in the boss area. To unlock all chests after defeating the boss, you will need at least 15 stacks remaining.

Malphas is Diablo 4’s first stationary boss! You won’t be fighting Malphas himself, but an immovable construct that he controls, located inside the middle of the boss area. During battle, Malphas will deploy a variety of traps to hinder players as they attempt to defeat him.

One of the attacks involves launching chakrams, of which there are two variations:

  • Chakrams that bounce between the player and the construct.
  • Elemental Chakrams, of which he will throw three at once at you. They change their elemental affinity, starting with fire and later switching to ice.

Keep an eye on the boss’s appearance and the floor hazards to recognize the current elemental phase.

Various conduits will appear within the arena during the fight; you have to destroy them immediately because they will set off traps. Following the destruction of a conduit, there is a brief period of downtime during which you can strike the Construct Boss in the middle before another conduit spawns.

There are 4 different conduits:

  • Ice: Traps will turn into ice hazards, and icicles will fall on the ground. A small AoE area will appear in ice before they hit the ground. Avoiding them shouldn’t be an issue as the AoE is not very big.
  • Fire: Traps will turn into fire hazards. The construct will shoot burning trails in a straight line from the center to the edge of the arena. Avoid getting hit as it deals a lot of damage. This is also when he will shoot the fire chakrams at you.
  • Electricity: The construct will aim bolts of lightning at players. It can be hard to avoid, but should not deal too much damage.
  • Poison: Traps turn into poison hazards. The construct will shoot waves of acid at players, and floor traps will now deal poison damage.

Keep in mind that getting hit by any of the traps will consume charges from your Zoltun’s Warding stacks.


To open all of the chests that appear after the boss fight, you must have at least 15 stacks of Zoltun’s Warding buff remaining. Next to random loot such as legendaries, rare items, or even uniques, Malphas also has a chance to drop the 2 new stones available for your Seneschal Companion: Evernight and Genesis.

For more information on Governing and Tuning stones, check out our guide below.

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