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Diablo 4 Vault Guide (Season 3)

The Vault: A New Dungeon Filled With Danger, Traps, and Awesome Rewards!




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With each new update, Diablo 4 is adding more challenges and engaging content. One of the most exciting additions of Season 3, the Season of the Construct, is the Vault: A new type of dungeon that will test your skills and luck in a deadly environment.

Understanding the Vault – Access and Types

The Vault is a new dungeon where you will navigate hazards, traps, and face hordes of Constructs to uncover treasures. There are four types of Vaults, accessible through the Gatehall, a new Hub situated in Kehjistan. The fifth Vault is the Vault of the Loom, in which Malphas resides.

You will have to fight your way through the corridors in order to reach the loot room. As you navigate your way through the dungeon, make sure to watch out for traps!

Vault gates can also be found in the open world. You may see them on the map; they resemble dungeons. Entering will take you into a tiny dungeon with a gate at the end that leads you into a vault.

Vault Features

Vaults are randomly generated and will contain Constructs, hazards, and traps. At the start of the Vault, you can interact with a Statue of Zoltun Kulle to gain stacks of Zoltun’s Warding.

Zoltuns Warding - Buff Statue

The goal is to avoid getting hit and make it to the loot room with at least one remaining Warding stack. Each hit costs you a stack. Dodging traps not only keeps you safe, but also rewards you with extra chests and loot at the end. The Vault is designed to be highly rewarding for successful completion. However, it is difficult to not get hit, so make sure to stay alert!

To acquire Zoltun’s Warding buff, you need Pearls of Warding and offer them to the statue. One Pearl grants you 10 stacks. You can save Pearls to maximize stacks for better Vault runs. We recommend saving as many Pearls as possible so that you can use multiple ones during a run. Having enough stacks of the buff increases your odds of making it to the end of the Vault with at least one stack left, as It can be challenging to dodge all of the hazards and traps. You can have up to 999 stacks of Zoltun’s Warding, which requires spending 100 pearls on the statue in a single run. That said, if you leave the Vault before completing it, you will lose all of your Zoltun’s Warding stacks.

Completing a run with at least one stack remaining will unlock additional rewards, including better loot. At World Tier 3, you can obtain Vault Sigils to enter Nightmare Vaults, which are even more dangerous but also more rewarding. Vault Sigils can also be crafted at the Occultist.

Pearls of Warding

Pearls are key to improved Vault rewards. Offering a pearl to the Statue of Zoltun Kulle gives you 10 stacks of Zoltun’s Warding. Completing the dungeon with at least one Warding left unlocks an additional chest with better loot. Pearls can also be used to craft Vault Sigils.

Pearl of Warding - Materials Tab

There are two different ways to obtain Pearls of Warding:

  • Defeating Elite Constructs
  • Defeating Herald Constructs during Arcane Tremors

Arcane Tremor – World Event

The Arcane Tremor is a world event that pops up in specific open-world areas for a limited time. Similar to Blood Harvests from Season 2, Tremors contain multiple small objectives to complete. You will need to defeat constructs and collect Arcane cores from Obelisks in the Arcane Tremor zones. Once you have collected enough cores, you can summon the Herald Construct boss by placing the cores inside a brazier (located within the zone), defeat it, and earn Pearls of Warding, Shattered Stones, and other loot. Defeating the Herald Construct will end the event.

Look for this icon on the word map to see which zone is currently affected by Arcane Tremors:

Arcane Tremors Map Icon

Defeating constructs in Arcane Tremors also provides parts to upgrade your Seneschal companion.

Vault Rewards

Completing the Vault with no Warding stacks left rewards you with minor chests containing Legendary items, a guaranteed Tuning Stone, and other small rewards. If you finish with at least one Warding stack, you can open the Wardwoven Chest, offering Governing and Tuning stones, more Legendary items, and a chance at rarer loot.

Furthermore, defeating the Vault’s final encounter will also drop a chest with a guaranteed legendary item from level 26 onwards. Additionally, these chests have a 35% chance of dropping another legendary.

We recommend aiming to finish with as many Warding stacks as possible for better loot at the end of your vault run.


The Vault is an exciting addition to Diablo 4, offering not only fun and thrilling dungeon experiences but also a necessary connection to the new world event, Arcane Tremors. It is a cycle of rewards: loot obtained from one Arcane Tremors, enhances efficiency in subsequent Vault runs. Overall, Vaults serve as an excellent means to boost your loot collection, and increase your chances of obtaining rare items for a stronger build. Happy Vault exploring!

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