10 Days Until Spiritborn Reveal!

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We’re just 10 days away from the big reveal of the Spiritborn class! Are you excited to learn more about the new class?

When Will the Spiritborn Class Be Revealed?

On July 18, 2024, Blizzard will livestream a gameplay preview of the Spiritborn class in Vessel of Hatred.

Many well-known content creators, including Rob2628, MacroBioBoi, and wudijo, have been invited by Blizzard to participate in the reveal. The NDA lifts on July 18, so we can expect to see plenty of gameplay footage of the new class soon after!


What Do We Know About the Spiritborn?

According to datamining from Vessel of Hatred, the Spiritborn class will use Vigor as its resource and wield Natural One-Hand Weapons like Glaives and Shields. Some notable skills include Bat Swarm, Soar (Fly/Ascent), Sky Control, Armor Split, Thorn, and Soil.

Here are some of the datamined animation file names that hint at these skills. Keep in mind that these were discovered in February 2024, so some may change or not make it into the final release on October 8.

  • spiritborn_batSwarm_add_projectile
  • Spiritborn_Soar_Wings_Mesh
  • Spiritborn_SkyControl_Wings_Attack
  • spiritborn_soar_fly_ascend
  • spiritborn_thornArmorSplit_grow
  • Spiritborn_ruler_forest_guardianImpac
  • Spiritborn_Sky_Core
  • Spiritborn_Forest_Basic
  • Spiritborn_Soil_Basic
  • gla_attk_magic_pointForward.ani
  • gla_attk_omnicast.ani
  • gla_attk_soil_basic.ani
  • gla_attk_jump_roll_slam.ani
  • gla_attk_spin_slice.ani
  • gla_attk_sky_basic.ani
  • gla_attk_Sky_Off_01_RazorWings.ani
  • gla_attk_plains_core_HC.ani
  • gla_attk_jump_roll_slam_return.ani
  • gla_attk_soil_control1_DreadfulSpiders.ani
  • gla_attk_soil_off_pestilence.ani
  • gla_attk_sky_watchersVolley.ani
  • gla_attk_leechHarvest.ani
  • gla_attk_soil_ViperPit.ani
  • gla_attk_Plains_Offense.ani
  • gla_attk_jump_temp.ani
  • gla_attk_plains_viciousParry.ani
  • gla_att_swarm.ani
  • gla_att_swarm_recast.ani
  • gla_attk_soil_devourersWake.ani
  • gla_attk_guardianImpact_repeat.ani
  • gla_attk_forest_basic.ani
  • gla_attk_Plains_Offense_temp.ani
  • gla_attk_forestShield.ani
  • gla_attk_forest_thornArmor.ani
  • gla_attk_forest_treeWarden.ani
  • gla_attk_forest_vinehook.ani