All World Boss Changes in Diablo 4 Season 3: Timers, Item Levels, Uniques and More

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Avarice World Boss in Diablo 4

The Season of the Construct patch notes brought a whole lot of info. This includes some big updates to World Bosses, so let’s take a look.

The big one is the much asked for World Boss timers in the actual game! Players have been using outside sources for a long time, with the in-game timer only showing 30 minutes before a boss would spawn. Hidden down in the User Interface section, we see a note about event timers being displayed on the world map. While this isn’t 100% clear, it seems likely that we’ll now see timers for all the evens, including World Bosses!

Other changes include a nerf to item levels from bosses for lower level players, caches now dropping Unique items and better loot from Avarice’s Treasure Goblins!

  • Treasure Goblins spawned while fighting Avarice now have the same loot potential as normally encountered treasure goblins.
  • World Tier III and IV World Boss weekly caches can now drop Unique Items.
  • The increased cap for Item Power on drops from World Bosses has been adjusted.
    • Previous: +100 to min, +100 to max
    • New:
      • Player Level below 70: 785-885
      • Player Level 71-80: 815-905
      • Player Level 81-90: 845-925
      • Player Level 91-100: 890-925

Developer’s Note: World Bosses are intended to reward powerful loot for your level. With this change, at a high level, players will see maximum Item Power gear from World Bosses at higher levels.

  • Event Timers are now displayed on the world map.

You can read the entire official news post HERE

The game is constantly improving, as Blizzard address each section little by little. It’s good to see World Bosses not be left behind.