Diablo 4 Patch 1.3.1 Hotfixes: February 8th

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We have another hotfix to the Lunar Awakening event today!

Bringing in some more XP bonuses, the hotfixes increase both the shrine buff and the Paragon Glyph boost in NMD sigils, doubling them both!

HOTFIX 2 – February 8, 2024 – 1.3.1


Lunar Shrine XP Boost

  • Increased XP Bonus per Monster Kill to 100% (from 50%)

Ancestors Favor Sigil

  • Increased Glyph XP Bonus to 20% XP (from 10%)
  • Note: In-Game text will still reference 10% until a future patch.

Developer’s Note: These increased bonuses aim to ensure Lunar Shrines and the Ancestor’s Favor Sigil Affix are universally exciting and valuable to the Lunar Awakening experience for players across all World Tiers – well beyond the completion of earning all the cosmetic rewards Ying-Yue has to offer!

You can read the entire official news post HERE