Helltides Will Be Permanent in Season 3

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It seems the Gauntlet leaderboards aren’t the only thing to get excited about in Diablo 4’s next weason! Blizzard announced a big change coming to Helltides in Season 3.

During today’s Campfire Chat, it was announced that the zone event will be active every single hour in the upcoming season. They will last 55 minutes so there will only be 5 minute breaks between them.

This is in part in response to recent Season 2 issues players having trouble getting Forgotten Souls, but also the longer-standing demand from players to have Helltides active longer. A large part of the reason is also the Living Steel requirements for summoning Duriel. The Living Steel mats drop from Helltide chests, and they got some major buffs in a recent hotfix.

Here’s the section of the recent Campfire stream where the developers talk about it all:

Season 3 can’t get here soon enough!