Player Gathers All Uber Uniques and Asks “Did I Beat the Game?”

Starym Avatar by Starym

Yes. Spartanjaws recently gathered up all the available Uber Uniques after around 250 Duriel runs, which is pretty solid luck despite the high amount of kills. Players have been getting the rarest items in Diablo 4 at very differing rates, from two in two runs as we’ve covered before, to players going even hundreds of runs without any. The RNG gods are indeed random.

However, since Spartanjaws also beat Uber Lilith and probably also did a Tier 100 NMD, we’d have to say that yes, yes he did beat the game. At least for now! The Abattoir of Zir arrives in just over a week’s time on Decmber 5th. There players like Spartanjaws can really put their builds and Uber Uniques to the test with some very high difficulty content.

How many did you get so far?