Race to World First 100 Hardcore and Softcore, June 4th: Level 90!

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Prime Evil Diablo 4

The race is coming closer and closer to completion here on day 3. Our overall/softcore leader, Rob2628, has gotten himself to level 90, only 10 away from the finish line. The hardcore crowd has mostly dropped down some, with the exception of Wudjio who is still holding strong in 2nd place overall. Let’s take a look, all courtesy of the manually updated D4race.com! Also, keep in mind there is a possibility that there’s other players actually higher than the streamers covered here.

Hardcore Diablo 4 Rankings

Starting with the one with the actual official race (although many on these rankings won’t get their name on the statue due to having received review copies ahead of time), Wudjio is very much ahead and seems a lock unless an untimely death claims him. He is 9 levels ahead of Alkaizer and 11 ahead of Zizaran.

Softcore Diablo 4 Rankings

Rob has even more of a lead in the softcore rankings, sitting 12 levels ahead of DonTheCrown and Ghazzy. 10 levels to go!

For up-to date rankings and links to all the streams of those covered, head on over to D4race.com, and thanks to them for the great race coverage!