The Largest Butcher Ever

Starym Avatar by Starym

The boogeyman of dungeons and cellars is back and – quite literally – bigger than ever! IronHeart_777 and their friend ran into a particularly giant Butcher in a Nightmare Dungeon, not really knowing why or what was happening – and what was happening is pretty interesting.

So uh… anyone know why we found a Giant Butcher? He appeared this big

That’s big. Luckily it didn’t take reddit too long to figure out what was happening. It’s a pretty interesting theory, as swissarmywolf laid it out. Apparently the dungeon had the Avenger affix, which increases both the damage and size of monsters near others that are killed. Yep, that’s right, the Butcher is an Avenger now. Normally you wouldn’t spot the size changes as they’re pretty minor on small monsters, but when they’re big…

But it’s even more hilarious than that, as the big guy came out this size, he didn’t get bigger as they fought him. And that means that he was sitting nearby as the players killed many monsters, continuously getting bigger and bigger, only to ambush them when he was this huge. It’s interesting to know that the Butcher may be with us in our dungeons for a while before he actually shows up, stalking us from the shadows. His boogeyman status just got a lot more accurate it seems.

Have you seen any huge Butchers in your runs?

Update: we now also have a video of another pretty big one, as Vinsonte gave us the heads up! This Butcher started out normal-sized and began growing as the mobs around him died, so we get to see the whole process. It’s quite a bit little laggy, as Vinsonte himself comments, but that actually adds to the horror of the larger and larger menace!