The Luckiest Druid: The Probably First Uber Unique in Helltide Season 4

Starym Avatar by Starym

We have a VERY lucky player in Season 4 already! Hanhburgler managed to get their hands on an Uber Unique. And they didn’t even have to go to Duriel or Andariel to get it! All it took was a random stroll through a World Tier 3 Helltide and there it was! It’s not exactly 100% certain this was the absolute first Uber found, but coming at only 7ish hours after launch, it’s definitely possible.

The best part is, that even if Hanhburgler doesn’t need that specific ring, after finishing up a few Season 4 milestones, they can get any Uber Unique they want! The season brings us 3 Resplendent Sparks, 1 from the Season Journey, one from the first Tormented (level 200) boss defeated, and one from Uber Lilith. With the one extra spark from salvaging the ring above, Hanhburgler can now craft any Uber unique they might need!

So congratulations on this very early win!