True Monster Density: Infinite Trees in Gauntlet

Starym Avatar by Starym

The Gauntlet isn’t exactly at the forefront of Season 4, as the new additions are much more popular. And it seems it may have received a little less attention from the devs as well last week, with things getting a little crowded!

A pretty intense bug showed up in the very first room of the Gauntlet. Players have been reporting an infinite spawn of the Bramble trees right at the start:

The sheer amount of trees lagged out or even crashed the game for some players. Their computers just not being able to handle all that foliage (or lack thereof)! Depending on if you had a powerful enough build to take them down, it could even be considered a good thing, as you can basically finish up Gauntlet progress in the very first room!

Monster density has always been a hot topic in Diablo 4, with players always asking for it to be higher, so I guess be careful what you wish for!