Diablo 4’s Uber Uniques Need Far More Distinction

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In Diablo 4, Uber Unique items can easily go unnoticed in your inventory if you don’t pay close attention, potentially for weeks.

Uber Uniques in Diablo 4 should come with a distinctive audio or visual cue when they drop. Players have reported finding these rare items in their inventory weeks after they initially dropped, simply because they didn’t realize they had picked one up.

I had an Uber unique for over a week while leveling without realizing it AMA
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A straightforward visual cue, like a red beam on the minimap similar to Diablo 3’s indicator for Primal Ancients, would greatly help players distinguish Uber Uniques from regular items.

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The reports keep coming in! One player only discovered they had looted a Uber Unique during an inventory review, missing out on that “YES OMG YES” moment when the item originally dropped.

The worst-case scenario is accidentally salvaging a Uber Unique without realizing it, as these items aren’t excluded from the “Salvage All” option at the Blacksmith!

Can Uber Uniques please be far, far more distinctive
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