Vessel of Hatred Datamining: New Spiritborn Class, Mercenaries, New Skills for All Classes, and More

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Datamined details from the upcoming “Vessel of Hatred” expansion pack, set for release later this year, have surfaced, revealing exciting updates including a new Spiritborn class, Mercenaries, new skills for all classes, and much more!

About four months ago, a datamining scoop on “Vessel of Hatred” took Reddit by storm. It detailed how Blizzard inadvertently uploaded the “Vessel of Hatred” build onto the same server branch used for last year’s endgame beta. This slip-up meant anyone who took part in the endgame beta had the chance to download the client. Though mining data without Alpha access is tricky, this glitch made it feasible to sift through individual file names, shedding some light on what to expect from Diablo 4’s eagerly awaited expansion.

Interestingly, this post also nailed its prediction about Season 3’s theme, which revolves around the exploration of Zoltun Kulle’s vaults.

Vessel of Hatred datamined info
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You can download a filtered list of new files added in Patch 2.0 compared to 1.2 here. The file names reveal some new features coming to the game.

New Spiritborn Class

The mysterious sixth class that Blizzard accidentally revealed through artwork which was later removed is apparently called Spiritborn. While we thought it’s a Holy Knight of sorts, it’s allegedly tied to nature based on datamining.

Spiritborn Abilities and Skills

Based on the file names, the Spiriborn class will use Vigor as resource and use Natural 1H weapons like Glaives + Shields. Some abilities are Bat Swarm, Soar (Fly/Ascend), Sky Control, Armor Split, Thorn, Soil, etc, most of them are nature-themed.

Here are some strings tied to the new class taken from Rob’s spreadsheet.

  • spiritborn_batSwarm_add_projectile
  • Spiritborn_Soar_Wings_Mesh
  • Spiritborn_SkyControl_Wings_Attack
  • spiritborn_soar_fly_ascend
  • spiritborn_thornArmorSplit_grow
  • Spiritborn_ruler_forest_guardianImpac
  • Spiritborn_Sky_Core
  • Spiritborn_Forest_Basic
  • Spiritborn_Soil_Basic
  • gla_attk_magic_pointForward.ani
  • gla_attk_omnicast.ani
  • gla_attk_soil_basic.ani
  • gla_attk_jump_roll_slam.ani
  • gla_attk_spin_slice.ani
  • gla_attk_sky_basic.ani
  • gla_attk_Sky_Off_01_RazorWings.ani
  • gla_attk_plains_core_HC.ani
  • gla_attk_jump_roll_slam_return.ani
  • gla_attk_soil_control1_DreadfulSpiders.ani
  • gla_attk_soil_off_pestilence.ani
  • gla_attk_sky_watchersVolley.ani
  • gla_attk_leechHarvest.ani
  • gla_attk_soil_ViperPit.ani
  • gla_attk_Plains_Offense.ani
  • gla_attk_jump_temp.ani
  • gla_attk_plains_viciousParry.ani
  • gla_att_swarm.ani
  • gla_att_swarm_recast.ani
  • gla_attk_soil_devourersWake.ani
  • gla_attk_guardianImpact_repeat.ani
  • gla_attk_forest_basic.ani
  • gla_attk_Plains_Offense_temp.ani
  • gla_attk_forestShield.ani
  • gla_attk_forest_thornArmor.ani
  • gla_attk_forest_treeWarden.ani
  • gla_attk_forest_vinehook.ani

New Class Skills

Sorcerers are getting a Familiar, Barbarian’s will get Weapon Throw, Rogues get Riposte, Necromancers will get Death’s Onslaught (no clue what that’s going to be) and Druids are getting some earth boulder toss. Here are some of the strings related to the new class skills:

  • Power_X1_Sorcerer_Familiar
  • Power_Barbarian_WeaponThrow
  • Power_X1_Rogue_Riposte
  • Power_X1_Necromancer_DeathsOnslaught
  • Druid_newEarthSkill_rockBall05

New Class Passives

While we cannot see the tooltips, we at least have names for some of the new class passives.

  • Druid_Talent_Hybrid_T5_N5
  • Barbarian_Talent_Berserker_T5_N3
  • Barbarian_Talent_Warlord_T5_N3
  • Sorcerer_Talent_Hybrid_T3_N1
  • Sorcerer_Talent_Hybrid_T3_N2
  • Rogue_Talent_Cunning_T5_N3
  • Rogue_Talent_Cunning_T5_N4
  • Necromancer_Talent_Hybrid_T5_N1
  • Necromancer_Talent_Hybrid_T5_N2

New Zones

File name strings refer to Kurast Sewers, Nahantu, and Travincal from Diablo 2 Act III. There’s also an interesting NPC named Ormus returning from Diablo 2.

  • Sewers_Kurast_E_Entrance_01
  • Sewers_Kurast_N_Entrance_01
  • NPC_QST_Ormus
  • Naha_Kurast_Travincal_CenterSquare
  • Naha_Buildings_Kurast_Travincal_Pillar_Large_A

New Monsters

Lacunis are the new monster family coming in Vessel of Hatred.


We’re getting Followers similar to Diablo 3’s Enchantress, Templar, and Scoundrel!

  • MercenaryClass_ShieldBearer
  • MercenaryClass_BerserkerCrone
  • MercenaryClass_CursedChild
  • MercenaryClass_BountyHunter
  • MercenaryClass_Scholar
  • MercenaryClass_MaidenAndMongrel
  • Mercenary_Hideout_N01_W01

New Feature: Raids

It appears we’re getting a new endgame feature called raids.

  • Khazra Raid
  • Multiplayer
  • TWN_X1_Raid_Crafter
  • Gizmo_X1_Raid_Difficulty_Select

Misc Strings

We are getting a centipede world boss, there will be a PvP Arena Event, and a cat mount.

  • test_x1_pvp_arena_event
  • test_x1_elitebounty
  • Mount_Cat
  • New World Boss Centipede
  • Naha_WorldBoss

For more details, you can watch Rob’s latest video linked below.