Huge Vessel of Hatred Datamining: New Spiritborn Class, New Skills, Mercenaries, Raids, and More

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Vessel of Hatred datamining hints at a new Spiritborn class, new skills for all classes, the return of Mercenaries, raids, and more!

Back when Diablo 4 was in endgame Beta, Blizzard forgot to change the encryption key on the Vessel of Hatred development branch, which allowed anyone who participated in the Beta to download the 2.0 client.

As a result, a lot of details about Diablo 4’s expansion have been datamined through file names.


Keep in mind everything posted could eventually change, as Vessel of Hatred has been in development for quite a long time now and the dataming data may no longer be 100% accurate.

New Spiritborn Class

Spiritborn, the mysterious sixth class, was accidentally revealed through artwork which was later removed. Spiritborn is a nature-themed knight. Fortunately, we saved the removed artwork and you can find the Spiritborn at the very top.

New Spiritborn Skills

Rob2628 has created a spreadsheet with a ton of new file names that reveal more about the Spiritborn skills.

  • The class will use Vigor as resource and use Natural One-Hand Weapons like Glaives and Shields.
  • Notable skills include Bat Swarm, Soar (Fly/Ascend), Sky Control, Armor Split, Thorn, or Soil.

Here are some file names tied to the new Spiritborn skill animations.

  • spiritborn_batSwarm_add_projectile
  • Spiritborn_Soar_Wings_Mesh
  • Spiritborn_SkyControl_Wings_Attack
  • spiritborn_soar_fly_ascend
  • spiritborn_thornArmorSplit_grow
  • Spiritborn_ruler_forest_guardianImpac
  • Spiritborn_Sky_Core
  • Spiritborn_Forest_Basic
  • Spiritborn_Soil_Basic
  • gla_attk_magic_pointForward.ani
  • gla_attk_omnicast.ani
  • gla_attk_soil_basic.ani
  • gla_attk_jump_roll_slam.ani
  • gla_attk_spin_slice.ani
  • gla_attk_sky_basic.ani
  • gla_attk_Sky_Off_01_RazorWings.ani
  • gla_attk_plains_core_HC.ani
  • gla_attk_jump_roll_slam_return.ani
  • gla_attk_soil_control1_DreadfulSpiders.ani
  • gla_attk_soil_off_pestilence.ani
  • gla_attk_sky_watchersVolley.ani
  • gla_attk_leechHarvest.ani
  • gla_attk_soil_ViperPit.ani
  • gla_attk_Plains_Offense.ani
  • gla_attk_jump_temp.ani
  • gla_attk_plains_viciousParry.ani
  • gla_att_swarm.ani
  • gla_att_swarm_recast.ani
  • gla_attk_soil_devourersWake.ani
  • gla_attk_guardianImpact_repeat.ani
  • gla_attk_forest_basic.ani
  • gla_attk_Plains_Offense_temp.ani
  • gla_attk_forestShield.ani
  • gla_attk_forest_thornArmor.ani
  • gla_attk_forest_treeWarden.ani
  • gla_attk_forest_vinehook.ani

New Skills and Passives for All Classes

While we don’t have a complete list of new skills for other classes, we at least have some partial data from the file names. It seems Sorcerer is getting a Familiar, Barbarians will receive Weapon Throw, Rogues are getting Riposte, Necromancer’s are getting an ability called Death’s Onslaught, and finally, Druid is getting some boulder toss skill.

  • Power_X1_Sorcerer_Familiar
  • Power_Barbarian_WeaponThrow
  • Power_X1_Rogue_Riposte
  • Power_X1_Necromancer_DeathsOnslaught
  • Druid_newEarthSkill_rockBall05

As for the new passives, we can’t really get any details out of the file names:

  • Druid_Talent_Hybrid_T5_N5
  • Barbarian_Talent_Berserker_T5_N3
  • Barbarian_Talent_Warlord_T5_N3
  • Sorcerer_Talent_Hybrid_T3_N1
  • Sorcerer_Talent_Hybrid_T3_N2
  • Rogue_Talent_Cunning_T5_N3
  • Rogue_Talent_Cunning_T5_N4
  • Necromancer_Talent_Hybrid_T5_N1
  • Necromancer_Talent_Hybrid_T5_N2

New Zones

Some of the file names mention new zones such as Kurast Sewers, Nahantu (Torajan Jungle, and Travincal from Diablo 2 Act III. Ormus from DIablo 2 is also making a comeback in the upcoming expansion!

  • Sewers_Kurast_E_Entrance_01
  • Sewers_Kurast_N_Entrance_01
  • NPC_QST_Ormus
  • Naha_Kurast_Travincal_CenterSquare
  • Naha_Buildings_Kurast_Travincal_Pillar_Large_A

Mercenaries System

Furthermore, the file names contained details about mercenaries, or followers, as we know them from Diablo 3.

  • MercenaryClass_ShieldBearer
  • MercenaryClass_BerserkerCrone
  • MercenaryClass_CursedChild
  • MercenaryClass_BountyHunter
  • MercenaryClass_Scholar
  • MercenaryClass_MaidenAndMongrel
  • Mercenary_Hideout_N01_W01

New Raids Endgame Feature

The file names also hint at raids, a new endgame feature coming in the Vessel of Hatred expansion! The strings suggest a multi-player Khazra raid with some sort of raid crafter and a gizmo for selecting raid difficulty.

  • Khazra Raid
  • Multiplayer
  • TWN_X1_Raid_Crafter
  • Gizmo_X1_Raid_Difficulty_Select

Miscellaneous Datamining Details

Finally, let’s look at the less important strings. It appears we are getting a new Lacuni monster family, a centipede world boss, a cat mount, and some elite bounties, and a PvP Arena event.

  • test_x1_pvp_arena_event
  • test_x1_elitebounty
  • Mount_Cat
  • New World Boss Centipede
  • Naha_WorldBoss

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