Vessel of Hatred: Who’s Akarat?

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Sapphire Soulstone

When Neyrelle chants her prayer on the boat in the Vessel of Hatred trailer, she mentions Akarat’s tomb. But who exactly is this mysterious figure, and why does she need him?

Vessel of Hatred Release Trailer

If you caught the latest Xbox Games Showcase last week, you probably saw the exciting reveal of the Vessel of Hatred trailer. In case you missed it, you can watch it here.

Who is Akarat?

Akarat is a central figure in the lore of the Diablo series. He was an ascetic from Xiansai and the founder of the Zakarum faith. Akarat experienced visions of the angel Yaerius, which he interpreted as divine guidance. These visions inspired his teachings that emphasized resisting evil and embracing the Light.

Akarat’s journey to spread his faith led to the establishment of the Zakarum religion, a dominant force in the world of Sanctuary. Inspired by Akarat’s teachings, the Zakarum church played a crucial role in containing the Prime Evils. His pilgrimage took him to Kehjistan and eventually the Torajan Jungles, where he mysteriously disappeared.

For more detailed information about Akarat, visit the Diablo Wiki.

Neyrelle’s Mission

The story picks up after the events of the Diablo 4 main campaign. In the trailer, Neyrelle is seen traveling on a boat, holding the Sapphire Soulstone containing Mephisto, on her way to find Akarat’s tomb. But why is this tomb so important?

Neyrelle believes that Akarat’s tomb may hold the key to stopping the return of the Prime Evils. It is rumored to contain powerful artifacts and vital knowledge crucial for her quest.

Will Neyrelle’s mission be successful? We’ll find out when the game releases on October 8th.