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Blood Harvest Guide (Season 2)

Everything you need to know about Blood Harvests!




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Diablo 4 Season 2, also known as the Season of Blood, introduces a new seasonal event and progression system called the Blood Harvest. In this guide, we will explain what the Blood Harvest is, how to participate in it, and what rewards you can get from it.

What Is the Blood Harvest?

The Blood Harvest is a seasonal event that occurs in different zones of Sanctuary, similar to Helltides. As a hero of Sanctuary, players can join the Blood Harvest and fight against vampires to collect valuable resources that can help them unlock and upgrade Vampiric Powers.

Blood Harvest events will be available for all players from Level 1, and the difficulty will scale depending on which World Tier you are in. It rotates between 3 different regions. However, unlike Helltides, there will always be a Blood Harvest active somewhere in the world, so that players never have to wait for it.

How to Participate in a Blood Harvest

To participate in a Blood Harvest, simply open the map and look at which zone is covered with a dark green hue. Just like with Helltides, this change on the map indicates where a Blood Harvest event is currently active. The event can appear in Dry Steppes, Hawezar, and Scosglen regions of Sanctuary. Travel to the respective zone can be done by using waypoints in the area or going there by mount. After arrival, players will see a lot of vampiric enemies and prisoners in cages.

Multiple objectives can be completed inside Blood Harvest zones:

  • Free as many prisoners as possible before the timer runs out. The cages need Seeker Keys to open. Those keys can be obtained during Blood Harvest by killing enemies.
  • Complete Events.
  • Blood Seekers: powerful vampiric enemies that can be summoned by using 15 Blood Lures on a Blood Altar. Blood Lures are items that drop from regular vampiric enemies during the Blood Harvest. Defeating them will drop a Seeker Key. (see image below.)
  • Collect Blood Lures. The amount of Lures you collect persists between Blood Harvests.
  • Open Seekers Caches: special chests that appear randomly in the zone during a Blood Harvest. They can only be opened with Seeker Keys (Keys persist from one Blood Harvest to the next), and they contain various rewards such as Pact Armor, Pact Consumables, and Potent Blood.
  • Complete Blood Well events: Defeat enemies around the fountain, and collect the Blood inside of it. These can give Potent Blood, Seeker Keys, and Hunter’s Acclaim reputation.

What Are the Rewards?

Blood Harvest can be very rewarding. The more activities you participate in, the more rewards you will get. Naturally, most of the rewards will be linked to Vampiric Powers.

Here is a summary of rewards that can be earned by participating in a Blood Harvest:

  • Pact Armor: Each armor piece will have one or more Pacts on it during this season, and every item dropping during a Blood harvest will have Pacts on it. Pacts are needed to be able to activate Vampiric Powers.
  • Potent Blood: A new currency that will be used in order to unlock Vampiric Powers or upgrade existing ones.
  • Blood Lures: These are new items dropping from Vampiric enemies inside Blood Harvest zones, that are used in order to summon Blood Seekers.
  • Pact Consumables: Items that drop during a Blood Harvest. Pact Consumables can be used to remove, add, or modify Pacts. For example, a pact of Ferocity will add a Ferocity pact to an item, while the Cleansing Acid will allow players to remove all pacts present on a piece of armor.
  • Reputation: Players will be able to gain reputation for the Hunter’s Acclaim Board.

Hunter’s Acclaim Reputation

The Hunter’s Acclaim Board is located in major towns. It can be visited to take a look at your current reputation level, or in order to claim rewards. Completing tasks during a Blood Harvest will further increase reputation for the Hunter’s Acclaim.

There are a total of 18 rewards Tiers available for Season of Blood, including Vampiric Powers, Pact Armor, specific seasonal items, Potent Blood, and more. Getting the reputation to max will be very beneficial!

To summarize: by participating in the event, players can not only obtain and upgrade their Vampiric Powers, but also further modify their build through Pact Armor and Pact Consumables, as well as gain Reputation to unlock Reward Tiers at the Hunter’s Acclaim Board.

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