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Hawezar Overview in Diablo 4 (Season 4)

Overview of the Hawezar zone and the Renown points of interest.




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Hawezar is an infested swampland, home to countless threats of witchcraft and zealotry. Disease has spread throughout the region and is deep-rooted in everything from the people to the land itself. Those who enter here do so to be forgotten or to avoid law and order. Only murderers, assassins, thieves, and dark traders would call this their home.

Diablo 4 Zones Overview

Zone Map

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Main Town: Zarbinzet

Zarbinzet is the biggest town hub of Hawezar, and has many NPCs as well as a waypoint for quick travel. Most notable shops such as the Blacksmith, Jeweler, and Occultist are located near the center area of the town, and using the town portal within Hawezar, will always teleport the player back to Zarbinzet.


There are six Waypoints located within Hawezar.

Waypoints make it possible to move through a territory much more quickly than by walking or riding a mount alone. Traveling to World Boss Events, for instance, can be shortened by being aware of important Waypoints.

  • Zarbinzet – Waypoint inside town, located inside the Center area of Umir Plateau
  • Wejinhani – Waypoing located West inside the Dismal Foothills
  • Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court – Waypoint inside town inside the Center of Hawezar
  • Vyeresz – Waypoint inside the Stronghold north of Toxic Fens. This can be accessed once the Stronghold has been cleansed of evil.
  • Backwater – Waypoint located East of the Forsaken Coast.
  • The Tree of Whispers – Waypoint located Northeast of The Writhing Mire, available after unlocking the Tree of Whispers. 
Tree of Whispers Guide

Renown and Completion

One of the most effective ways to increase your power is through Renown! Throughout Hawezar, there is a lot to discover and explore. Either through doing Side Dungeons, collecting Altars of Lilith, liberating Strongholds, and more.

Here is a list of all known Hawezar Renown activities:

  • Waypoints: 6
  • Strongholds: 3
  • Side Quests: 49
  • Side Dungeons: 23
  • Altars of Lilith: 34
  • Areas that can be discovered: 56

You can always check your region progress by opening the Map and then decide how many Side Quests and Dungeons you still need, in order to collect all available Skill Points, Potion Charges and Paragon Points.

We have a separate page that lists all of the Altars of Lilith in this zone, as well as their rewards.

Altars of Lilith in Hawezar

Renown Rewards

Completing Renown activities throughout Hawezar will unlock the following rewards:

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5
+Bonux XP+Bonus XP+Bonus XP+Bonus XP+Bonus XP
+3,000 Gold+10,000 Gold+25,000 Gold+60,000 Gold+150,000 Gold
+1 Skill Points+1 Potion Charge+1 Skill Points+80 Max Obols+4 Paragon Points

Here is a short summary of things to do within Hawezar to gain Renown as quickly as possible:

  • Explore the entire region and discover all available Waypoints for quick travel.
  • Remember to check your Renown progress by opening the Map.
  • Clear out all three Strongholds, so that the areas become friendly.
  • Complete all (blue) Side Quests and Dungeons
  • Pick up Blightshade herbs on your way.
  • Collect all Altars of Lilith.


Strongholds are event areas that are marked by a red skull on the mini-map. They are occupied by different enemies which must be cleared out in order to unlock the area as a friendly part of the Region. In most cases, a Stronghold becomes a player-friendly town after it has been purged of enemies, however it can also become a dungeon.

Each completed Stronghold also grants 100 Renown and experience. Certain Waypoints and Dungeons will also only become unlocked after successfully purging the Stronghold. In total, there are three Strongholds that can be cleansed of evil within Hawezar:

  • Crusaders Monument – Located in the north of Zarbinzet.
  • Eriman’s Pyre – Located all the way north of in Hawezar, west of the Tree of Whispers.
  • Vyeresz – Located east of Zarbinzet, down south the center of Hawezar.

World Boss

The World Boss zone of Hawezar is located within an area known as Fields of Desecration, Southeast of Zarbinzet, the main town of this region.

World Bosses are big, terrible monsters that are dangerous to both melee, and ranged players. We recommend players to check out our World Boss Guides for more information.

Wandering Death Guide

It is always worth sticking around and fighting these strong encounters together with other players or friends, as world bosses can drop a special item called Scattered Prism, which is used to add sockets to certain slots of gear. Next to completing legion events, fighting world bosses is one of the best ways to farm Scattered Prisms.

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