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Fractured Peaks Altars of Lilith Locations and Rewards (Season 4)

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Diablo 4 features a new collectible in the form of Altars of Lilith. These Altars are eerie statues that have been constructed all over Sanctuary. Each zone has dozens of Altars hidden. The statues are often off the main path, and are easy to miss.

Interacting with an Altar will grant permanent bonuses to each character on the same realm (+2 of one of the main attributes – Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, or Willpower – or +5 to Maximum Obol capacity). Additionally, finding Altars will help to increase Renown (+10 per Altar), which is tracked in the Region Progress of each zone, and you also receive a small boost to experience when you collect an Altar.

Altars of Lilith

Altars of Lilith on the Map

This is an overall map of the Fractured Peaks with each of the Altars circled and numbered so you can have a quick reference to which one we are talking about.

Fractured Peaks Altar of Lilith Map in Diablo 4
Altar Location NumberAltar Reward
1Max Obols +5
2+2 Strength
3Max Obols +5
4+2 Willpower
5+2 Strength
6+2 Intelligence
7+2 Willpower
8+2 Intelligence
9+2 Dexterity
10+2 Intelligence
11+2 Dexterity
12+2 Dexterity
13+2 Willpower
14+2 Dexterity
15+2 Strength
16Max Obols +5
17+2 Willpower
18+2 Willpower
19+2 Intelligence
20+2 Strength
21+2 Intelligence
22+2 Strength
23Max Obols+5
24+2 Strength
25+2 Willpower
26+2 Intelligence
27+2 Dexterity
28+2 Dexterity

We hope this helps you to plan out your leveling based on what you need for your character a bit more. We suggest getting as many Altars as you can, though, as Renown is important and unlocks many things including an extra skill point for all of your characters. Check out our Renown guide for a full understanding of the system and its rewards.

Renown Guide

We look forward to bringing you more guides as we uncover the secrets of Diablo IV and what is to come, but until then enjoy your time in Fractured Peaks and be sure to check out our build guides!

For Altar of Lilith locations in the other zones, click the links below.

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