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What is Renown?

Renown is a regional point system that rewards you for exploring and completing various activities in Diablo 4. It is tied to each zone in Sanctuary and has five stages of rewards.

Zones Overview

Some rewards are account-wide, while others are specific to each character. In this guide, we will explain what Renown is, how to earn it, and what benefits it provides.

All Renown rewards persist between Seasons and new characters. So the “Renown grind” will only have to be done once.

You can earn Renown by doing the following things:

  • Discovering new areas (5 points each)
  • Finding Altars of Lilith (10 points each); note that each Altar’s benefits are separate from the Renown benefits, and are account-wide
  • Activating waypoints (20 points each)
  • Completing side quests (30 points each)
  • Completing dungeons (40 points each)
  • Completing strongholds (3 per Zone) (100 points each)

Renown progress and rewards can be checked by opening the map and selecting a zone. A bar shows how many points have been collected so far, and how many are still needed to reach the next stage. It is also possible to see the rewards for each stage, which are split into character rewards and account rewards.

Opening the Map and then pressing the W key (Triangle for PlayStation, Y for Xbox) will open the region progress screen.

How to Farm Renown

To maximize Renown gains, focus on completing the activities that give them the most points. Here are some tips and tricks to farm Renown efficiently:

  • Find the route that combines as many objectives as possible. For example, complete dungeons that also award aspects for the Codex of Power, or have side quests connected to them. 
  • Complete strongholds as soon as you can. They give you the most Renown points and unlock world bosses and other endgame content.
  • Collect all Altars of Lilith in each zone.
  • Do not enter cellars or events, as they do not grant any Renown points. They are only useful for finding loot or gaining experience.
  • Complete stages 1-3 as soon as possible, as they give a lot of extra power and are relatively easy to complete.
  • To unlock stages 4 and 5, you need to unlock World Tier 3 first (for which you need to complete the Level 50 Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon). This requires completing all three Strongholds in each zone. Stage 5 gives four Paragon points per zone, which are valuable for endgame progression.
Altars of Lilith

Renown Rewards

Rewards are divided into character rewards and account-wide rewards. Character rewards are specific to each character and include XP, gold (although gold is also shared between characters), skill points, potion charges, and Obol capacity. Account-wide rewards are shared among all characters and include things like Paragon points and murmuring Obols.

Here is a table that shows all the Renown rewards for each Renown stage:

StageCharacter RewardsAccount Rewards
1200 XP and 3,000 gold1 skill point
2500 XP and 10,000 gold1 potion charge
3800 XP and 25,000 gold1 skill point
41,110 XP and 60,000 gold80 max Obols
51,500 XP and 150,000 gold4 Paragon points

Completing all five stages in all five zones (Fractured Peaks, Dry Steppes, Scosglen, Kehjistan, and Hawezar) will provide the following rewards:

  • 10 skill points
  • 5 potion charges
  • 20 paragon points
  • 400 Obols capacity
  • 1,240,000 gold

These rewards are useful for boosting character power, and preparing for endgame challenges and content.


Renown is a system in Diablo 4 that rewards players for exploring and completing various activities in each zone of Sanctuary. Renown can be earned by discovering new areas, finding Altars of Lilith, activating waypoints, completing side quests, completing dungeons, and completing strongholds. It is recommended to complete the activities that give the most points and unlock stages 1-4 as soon as possible to maximize Renown gains. To unlock stages 4 and 5, you need to unlock world tier 3 first. Stage 5 rewards you with four Paragon points per zone, which are valuable for endgame progression. Furthermore, all Renown rewards persist between seasons and new characters, so the “Renown grind” will only have to be done once.

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