All Silent Chest Locations in Diablo 4

Find out where all the Silent Chests in Diablo 4 are located.




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NOTE: Silent Chests are no longer static spawns therefore this guide is no longer useful.

Silent Chests are locked loot chests that require a Whispering Key to open. While they were not worth farming at the launch of the game, the increase in drop rates that came with Season 1 means that they are now a great way to get some extra Legendaries and even possibly some Uniques while you are out and about.

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This guide will show you the currently known spawn points of Silent Chests, but keep in mind that they will not always be up; it is quick and easy to check them all when you log in for the day to see if you can get some of that nice free loot.

How to Use Silent Chests

In order to open up a Silent Chest, you need a Whispering Key which can be bought from any Curiosities Vendor in a major town for 20 Obols. After you acquire some keys, all you have to do is check the locations in the images in the section below and once you find a Silent Chest you can open it just by having the key in your inventory (which will consume the key).

Silent Chest Locations

Currently, we know of 6 Silent Chest spawns as shown in the images below.

Fractured Peaks

Desolate Highlands Silent Chest Location
Frigid Expanse Silent Chest Location
Gale Valley Silent Chest Location


Caldeum Silent Chest Location
Scouring Sands Silent Chest Location


Fethis Wetlands Silent Chest Location


Hopefully, this will help you in your quest for loot; if you find any more Silent Chest, we’d appreciate it if you hopped on over to our ARPG Vault Discord and let us know, and we will add them to our list here!

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