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Obols: The ultimate guide to Diablo 4’s new currency!




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Murmuring Obols serve as a unique form of currency that can be exchanged for Gear or Whispering Keys at the Purveyor of Curiosities, a vendor found in various towns across Sanctuary. Obols are also the second most significant form of currency in Diablo 4, next to Gold, and play an important role in the character’s progression. Unlike Gold, however, Obols can not be traded between players.

Currencies in Diablo 4

The maximum amount of Obols that can be carried at once, is limited to around 500 by default. If this limit is exceeded, you will lose any extra Obols that are found. To avoid this, we recommend to spend Obols regularly or increase the maximum capacity with the new Renown System by collecting Altars of Lilith, and completing Renown activities. Once those activities have been completed, the increased Obols capacity will carry over to other characters and future seasons. This means you only have to complete the Renown grind once!

Altars of Lilith

There are many ways to obtain Obols in Diablo 4. Some of them are:

  • Completing Cursed Object Events in Dungeons
  • Finishing Quests that offer a Cache reward
  • Doing Local Events with Mastery objectives
  • Collecting Legions Zone Events

It is possible to get Obols from any Event in the open world, so you can choose the ones that suit your playstyle and preferences. All Events take about a few minutes to complete, but fulfilling the optional mastery criteria for each Event will grant even more Obols. Teaming up with other players also makes these Events easier and faster.

Remember: Obol capacity is shared across the account, so increasing it on one character will benefit all other characters as well.

What are Obols Used for?

One of the ways to spend Obols is at the Purveyor of Curiosities, a special vendor that offers a chance to get useful gear or Whispering Keys. You can gamble your Obols for a random piece of gear that can be Rare or even Legendary. The quality (rarity) and Item Power of the gear depend on the character’s level. Additionally, you can also buy Whispering Keys that allow you to open Silent Chests in the open world. These chests contain valuable loot and resources. Furthermore, if the gear that has been gambled or received from chests is not useful, either for progression or if the appearance has already been collected, it can always be sold for Gold or salvaged at the Blacksmith.

To summarize, there are two main ways to spend Obols:

Gambling for Gear

One of the ways you can spend Obols is at the Purveyor of Curiosities, a special vendor that can be found in many towns in Sanctuary. This vendor offers a chance to gamble with Obols for a random piece of gear that can fit in one of the following slots:

  • Weapons
  • Head
  • Chest
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Pants

It is worth noting that the weapons are specific to the players class, so it will not be possible to receive Weapons that your character cannot use. The quality (rarity) and item power of the gear depends on the character level, and a bit of luck. There is always a chance that the item will be of Legendary quality. However, if none of the gambled items is useful in any way, they can be sold for Gold or salvaged at the Blacksmith for crafting resources. Gambling for gear is a good way to get powerful items or fill in gaps in equipment. It is especially useful when a certain power plateau is reached or when looking for a specific Aspect at max level.

Whispering Keys

Another item that can be purchased from the Purveyor of Curiosities is the Whispering Key, which unlocks Silent Chests scattered throughout the open world. These chests contain rare and valuable loot that can help with character progression.

However, you need a Whispering Key to open Silent Chests, and there is only one way to acquire them. The Purveyor of Curiosities vendor sells these keys for 20 Obols each.

Silent Chests are worth opening since they have a slightly higher chance of dropping Legendary items or rare materials than ordinary chests. These chests are also marked on the map, so locating and collecting them will be easier for players that have a key at hand.

All Silent Chest Locations

Ways to Farm Obols

Farming Obols can be a tedious and time-consuming task, as they are mostly obtained from completing Events. These are random encounters that spawn throughout the open world of Sanctuary, and they can vary in difficulty, duration, and rewards.

Below, we will go over some efficient ways to farm Obols, which will help you to find and complete as many Events as possible in a short amount of time. This farming method is suitable for solo or group play, and can be done at any difficulty level.

Note: Once you are done with an event route, you can use the town portal to teleport to any main town, and then simply take the portal back. This will reset the events in the area, so that they can be completed again. If the events are not available when you teleport back, try teleporting again, or logging out and back in.

Event location maps were taken from

Firebreak Manor Route

This route is located in the Scosglen region, and it consists of doing several events that are close to each other. You can start this route by teleporting to the Firebreak Manor Waypoint, then follow the path towards Braestaig, and then higher up. There should be a total of 8 Events on this road.

You can also choose to shorten this route if it feels too long or if you want to focus on specific areas. Either stay around Braestaig, or around Firebreak Manor.

Marowen Route

This route is also located in the Scosglen region, and consists of five events that are in a small zone north of the Marowen waypoint.

Maugan’s Works

This short method is located inside the Hawezar region, and consists of doing an event that is right in front of Maugan’s Works, a dungeon entrance. You can start this run by teleporting to the closest Waypoint (Vyeresz or Ruins of Rakhat Keep), and then head towards Maugan’s Works. The event is on the road.

Once the event is completed, go inside the Dungeon (either complete the Dungeon, or directly head back out). Once outside, the event should be back.

This method is very simple and fast.

We recommend this one for players who want only a few Obols really quickly. If someone is looking for more, prioritize the other routes, as it will reward more Obols.

Fields of Hatred Route

This route is located in the Fields of Hatred, a PvP area. We recommend this to players that would want to farm Seeds of Hatred and Red Dust at the same time.

The route can be started by teleporting to the Fields of Hatred Waypoint Alzuuda, in the Dry Steppes zone, and then going straight outside. You can go around the zone in a circle, where you should find a total of four events.

Once the route is finished, you can extract the Seeds of Hatred at any extraction site, to convert your Seeds into Red Dust. Afterward, simply teleport back to any main town and then come back through the portal to the Fields of Hatred. This should reset Events in the area.

Additionally, for players who are not actively looking to target farm Obols, but still want to get some as they go on their journey, most Nightmare Dungeons should have one or more Events spawning in them, and they will also reward Obols. Therefore, you could also simply continue farming Nightmare Dungeons, and make sure to complete the events inside of them to get the Obols on top of the rest.


Players can earn Obols in Diablo 4 by completing events and activities in Sanctuary, and spend them at the Purveyor of Curiosities, a vendor that offers random gear and Whispering Keys for opening Silent Chests with valuable loot and resources. Obols are capped, so we recommend spending them regularly or increasing the capacity with Renown and Altar of Lilith rewards.

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