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Summoner Necromancer Leveling Build Guide for Diablo 4 (Season 4)

The best Minion Overlord summoner build to level with!




Minion Overlord

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BlightBlood MistDecrepifyCorpse Explosion

To find out more general information about leveling as a Necromancer in Diablo 4, you can check out our main Necromancer Leveling guide. Or you can go to our Necromancer Builds page for a list of other leveling and endgame Necromancer builds for you to choose from.

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Build Introduction

The Summoner Necromancer leveling build is the absolute best-performing Necromancer build this season! Not only are your minions going to be tanking all the enemies, but they will completely obliterate them in the process.

Due to the high damage output, this build will take you from the start of the game all the way through the campaign with ease, as well as being capable of soloing the Cathedral of Light Capstone dungeon.

Solo play can be fun and playing with friends can be great if you have the right spec! The high damage output makes the build very attractive to have in a party with friends, and it also makes enemies consistently Vulnerable, allowing the rest of your party to benefit immensely from having you with them.

Skill Tree Points and Skill Bar

Suggested Skill Bar
Blight Blight Corpse Explosion Corpse Explosion Decrepify Decrepify Summoning Skill Summoning Skill Summoning Skill Summoning Skill Blood Mist Blood Mist
1Bone SplintersBone SplintersBasic SkillBasic Skill
2Enhanced Bone SplintersEnhanced Bone SplintersBasic SkillBasic Skill
3Blood SurgeBlood SurgeCore SkillCore Skill
4Blood SurgeBlood Surge Rank 2Core SkillCore Skill
5Blood SurgeBlood Surge Rank 3Core SkillCore Skill
6Blood SurgeBlood Surge Rank 4Core SkillCore Skill
7Blood SurgeBlood Surge Rank 5Core SkillCore Skill
8Corpse ExplosionCorpse ExplosionCorpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
9Enhanced Corpse ExplosionEnhanced Corpse ExplosionCorpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
10Hewed FleshHewed FleshCore SkillCore Skill
11Hewed FleshHewed Flesh Rank 2Core SkillCore Skill
12Hewed FleshHewed Flesh Rank 3Core SkillCore Skill
13Grim HarvestGrim HarvestCorpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
14Grim HarvestGrim Harvest Rank 2Corpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
15Grim HarvestGrim Harvest Rank 3Corpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill

At this point in your character progression, it is optimal to move all your points from Blood SurgeBlood Surge over to BlightBlight as now our minions will be able to carry most of your damage output.

16Enhanced BlightEnhanced BlightCore SkillCore Skill
17Supernatural BlightSupernatural BlightCore SkillCore Skill
18Corpse ExplosionCorpse Explosion Rank 2Corpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
19Corpse ExplosionCorpse Explosion Rank 3Corpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
20Corpse ExplosionCorpse Explosion Rank 4Corpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
21Corpse ExplosionCorpse Explosion Rank 5Corpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
22Skeletal Warrior MasterySkeletal Warrior MasteryCorpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
23Skeletal Warrior MasterySkeletal Warrior Mastery Rank 2Corpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
24Skeletal Warrior MasterySkeletal Warrior Mastery Rank 3Corpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
25Skeletal Mage MasterySkeletal Mage MasteryCurse SkillCurse Skill
26Skeletal Mage MasterySkeletal Mage Mastery Rank 2Curse SkillCurse Skill
27Skeletal Mage MasterySkeletal Mage Mastery Rank 3Curse SkillCurse Skill
28Golem MasteryGolem MasteryUltimate SkillUltimate Skill
29Golem MasteryGolem Mastery Rank 2Ultimate SkillUltimate Skill
30Golem MasteryGolem Mastery Rank 3Ultimate SkillUltimate Skill
31Fueled by DeathFueled by DeathCorpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
32Blighted Corpse ExplosionBlighted Corpse ExplosionCorpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
33Fueled by DeathFueled by Death Rank 2Corpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
34ShadowblightShadowblightKey PassivesKey Passives
35Fueled by DeathFueled by Death Rank 3Corpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
36Blood MistBlood MistCorpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
37Inspiring LeaderInspiring LeaderUltimate SkillUltimate Skill
38Inspiring LeaderInspiring Leader Rank 2Ultimate SkillUltimate Skill
39Inspiring LeaderInspiring Leader Rank 3Ultimate SkillUltimate Skill
40Hellbent CommanderHellbent CommanderUltimate SkillUltimate Skill
41Hellbent CommanderHellbent Commander Rank 2Ultimate SkillUltimate Skill
42Hellbent CommanderHellbent Commander Rank 3Ultimate SkillUltimate Skill
43Reaper's PursuitReaper’s PursuitCorpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
44Reaper's PursuitReaper’s Pursuit Rank 2Corpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
45GloomGloomCorpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
46DecrepifyDecrepifyCurse SkillCurse Skill
47Enhanced DecrepifyEnhanced DecrepifyCurse SkillCurse Skill
48TerrorTerrorCorpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
49TerrorTerror Rank 2Corpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
50TerrorTerror Rank 3Corpse & Macabre SkillCorpse & Macabre Skill
51Death's EmbraceDeath’s EmbraceCurse SkillCurse Skill
52Death's EmbraceDeath’s Embrace Rank 2Curse SkillCurse Skill
53Death's EmbraceDeath’s Embrace Rank 3Curse SkillCurse Skill
54Amplify DamageAmplify DamageCurse SkillCurse Skill
55Amplify DamageAmplify Damage Rank 2Curse SkillCurse Skill
56Amplify DamageAmplify Damage Rank 3Curse SkillCurse Skill
57GloomGloom Rank 2Curse SkillCurse Skill
58GloomGloom Rank 3Curse SkillCurse Skill

Mechanics and Playstyle

In the beginning, we utilize Blood SurgeBlood Surge to one-shot enemies and when we get access to our Mage Skeletons we replace this with BlightBlight and start using our abilities, with the purpose of scaling our minions’ damage output, and providing Shadow damage hits for the use of our ShadowblightShadowblight Key Passive!

Don’t forget to use your Summoning Skills even when you have maximum number of minions as this will heal them and make them stronger as well as provide you with some Essence.

Book of the Dead

Necromancer’s class-specific ability is the Book of the Dead, which provides three different type of minions that unlock by leveling up. This build is designed around using all of your minions from this system.

  • Melee SkeletonsReaper will be our choice as they will be generating corpses that we will explode for more damage!
  • Mage SkeletonsShadow Mages has an option allowing you to gain multiplicative damage scaling for you based of how many Shadow Mages you have summoned.
  • GolemBone With the option of shedding corpse that we will use with other abilities.

Legendary Item Aspects

To unlock Aspects in the Codex of Power, you must complete the corresponding Dungeon where the specific Aspect drops. Visit the Occultist to imprint this Aspect onto an item. Aspects from the Codex of Power can be used often on weapons.

There’s only 1 available aspect power you can find in a dungeon that will scale the build and that is the Aspect of ReanimationAspect of Reanimation which you can unlock by doing Aldurwood in Scosglen. You could grab the Hulking AspectHulking Aspect but it isn’t mandatory and is only a nice addition to the build which is why I don’t recommend going out of your way to getting this one as you progress the early levels.

A list of sought after legendary powers you need to look out for as you progress looks like this:

We have a dedicated in-depth Aspect and Codex of Power guide that you can check out for more information.

Gear Choice and Stat Priority while Leveling

Prioritize a higher total damage output when it comes to your weapon, as the higher it is, the better. It should be kept in mind that if you find a higher Item Power 1-handed weapon, it could very well be better than a 2-handed weapon if coupled with an off-hand or even a shield, as shields scale your main-hand weapon by 80%!

Outside of this, you’ll be on the look out for the following modifiers, in no particular order:

  • Life
  • Armor
  • Intelligence
  • Attack Speed


Listed below are the best Gems to socket into gear for each slot type.

  • Weapon EmeraldEmerald for increased Vulnerable damage output.
  • Armor: RubyRuby for increased Maximum Life.
  • Jewelry: DiamondDiamond for all Resistance or any gem that provides you with the resistance type you lack the most.

Elixirs and Health Potions

To gain an edge in your adventures, head to the Alchemist in any major town, and craft Elixirs that enhance your stats and experience gain for 30 minutes. Remember to gather the necessary crafting materials by foraging plants. Select an Elixir that provides the resistance you need most, or try the Assault ElixirAssault Elixir to boost your Attack Speed.

Return to the Alchemist again when you reach Level 20 and 30 to upgrade your potion. The extra healing is essential to survival.

Early Paragon

Once you hit Level 50 with this build, you will be ready to tackle your first Capstone Dungeon and unlock World Tier 3. We recommend using the following Paragon boards and Glyphs for your first few levels after 50, as you transition into your preferred endgame build. Please keep in mind that the information provided is just intended to assist you in spending points for a few levels, and we strongly advise you to choose an endgame build guide to truly enjoy the game at world tier 4 and beyond.

Starting Board

The generic approach for Necromancers starting board is to rush the socket node via the right-hand side and picking up the surrounding Magic nodes then rush upwards towards the second board. At this point you really need to check the endgame build guide you want to engage with as they can all have their own specific way of pathing here!

Paragon Board images courtesy of d4builds.gg.


  • May 12th, 2024: Guide added.
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