An Update Regarding the 30 Billion Gold Crossbow

StanAvatar by Stan

We’ve got an update from Jeppe-O, seller of the 30 billion gold crossbow, that likely influenced the trade shutdown. The player spent 2 billion on re-rolls immediately after trade and snagged a decent bow for 5 billion.

Jeppe-O came across a Cut Symbol crossbow that sold for 30 billion gold. You can read the full story here.

Now, the player has posted an update in video format about what happened after the trade!

Jeppe-O doesn’t think he should be banned over the trade. All he did was “sell a crossbow with decent rolls during a Season with broken economy“. He doesn’t believe his 30 billion gold trade caused the trade shutdown.

The OP put up two posts on Reddit which got mysteriously deleted by the mods about an hour before trading got disabled.

The Sanctuary Discord was also in full damage control during the initial hours of the debacle, so Jeppe-O thinks it’s “speculative at best that his trade forced the hand of Blizzard“.

As for the trade, Jeppe-O agreed on 30 billion due to the party size limit. One character can only trade 9,999,999,999 gold, so he needed two additional players. He decided to make the trade with friends and gift them the gold. Here’s a snippet of the first trade.

Then, Poor Guy (the buyer) spent about 20 minutes to gather the remaining 20 billion gold, but eventually paid the 30 billion gold!

What Did the Seller Spend the Gold On?

Jeppe-O already said he gifted the 20 billion to his friends and only kept the 10 billion. After the trade, the seller immediately spent 2 billion to re-roll his items. He also bought a crossbow for a modest 5 billion gold.

The whole trade took 2 hours because the seller was on console and you have to manually increment gold and the transaction as done in multiple batches because you get kicked for inactivity when adding gold.