Blazing Fast Level 100 in Just 7 Hours With Help of an Amazing Elixir

Starym Avatar by Starym

Season 4 has proven to truly be the leveling speed runner of seasons! While many previous seasons saw a whole lot of players never even consider going all the way to maximum level, in Loot Reborn you may want to consider actually taking that leap.

Now, you won’t quite be making it there in the insane 7 hours it took Rob, but his speed definitely shows off the potential. For comparison, it took Rob 54 hours to get to level 100 back in Diablo 4 vanilla (before the first season), and 16 hours in Season 3. That’s more than double the speed than the previous season!

So what’s Robs secret? Well, it’s Elixir of Holy BoltsElixir of Holy Bolts! The mini Tyrael’s Might Uber Unique generates Artillery Shine-like projectiles when you kill an enemy and clears things up really well, as you can see below. So hoard up those Sapphire and Bundled Herbs Fragments to craft a whole bunch of them in the late game!

7 hours and just under 11 minutes to get to 100. The build itself is great as well, but not exactly necessary to get some really fast clear times. The elixir is doing a lot of the work, and unless you really want to get done within 10 hours, you can use any leveling build you prefer early on, and then switch to a speed farming one. You can also check out our leveling guide, taking you through the basics of how to get to 100 fast.

We’re not 100% sure Rob is the very first level 100 of Season 4, but he’s definitely up there, and we still congratulate him on this incredibly quick level 100!