Details About the New Region in Vessel of Hatred: Nahantu

The Story of Vessel of Hatred will pick up from the conclusion of the main game, taking us into the overgrown jungles of Nahantu, a region once explored in Diablo 2, as well as the barren desert of Teganze. At the heart of this upcoming expansion lies Neyrelle, in possession of the soulstone, who fights with Mephisto’s influence as she travels deeper into Nahantu.

What Do We Know About This Zone?

Known to the locals as Nahantu and to outsiders as the Torajan Jungles, this region includes some deep-seated lore.

Fans of Diablo 2 may recall exploring this zone, visiting landmarks like the City of Kurast and the Travincal Temple. These iconic locations, central to the “Nahantu” of Diablo 2, will most likely make a comeback in “Vessel of Hatred.”

Kurast was featured in Act III of Diablo 2. It is a port city that became a sanctuary for its people following the Children of Zakarum’s evil takeover. During our journey through D2, we had to navigate this jungle filled with monsters and demons to fight the schemes of the three Prime Evils. Eventually, this pursuit led to the Durance of Hate, where a showdown with Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, awaited.

Although the previews mostly showcase lush jungle landscapes, the Nahantu region also includes the vast desert of Teganze. Therefore, we can anticipate that there will be plenty of expansive desert terrain alongside the verdant jungles.

Location and Potential Entry Points

Located just south of Kehjistan, the Diablo 4 map we see in-game reveals two possible connections to the south, hinting at the location of our entry points to Nahantu.

Ahead of the release of Diablo 4, Reddit user ManaPot also created an overlay of the map (as seen below), showing off all available zones currently in the game.

With Vessel of Hatred, we will travel further south into the heart of the jungle.

Expansion Pets Named After Notable NPCs From Diablo 2

Another interesting fact is that the pets included in the pre-order edition of “Vessel of Hatred,” as well as those bundled with the deluxe and ultimate editions, are all named after memorable NPCs from the Kurast of Diablo 2:

  • Hratli: A priest and blacksmith at the Kurast Docks, Hratli is celebrated for his high-quality armors. His role is vital in fortifying the town’s defenses and guiding players through important quests.
  • Natalya: An enigmatic figure, Natalya provides insights into the ongoing adventure, observing the player’s progress and offering context for their quests, but without direct involvement.
  • Alkor: As the potion master and gambler of Kurast Docks, Alkor not only supplies vital potions but also engages the player in a quest that rewards increased life.

Which Monsters Will We Fight in Nahantu?

With our return to the dense jungles of Kurast within Nahantu, in “The Vessel of Hatred,” we can speculate on what type of monsters we might encounter during our travels. It makes sense to assume that enemies like Flesh Beasts, Thorned Hulks, and various Flayers may make their return. Moreover, the murky dungeons could once again house Water Watchers and other swampy horrors. And the Kurast Bazaar as well as other familiar places might still echo with the incantations of Zakarum Zealots and Priests.

As we progress deeper into Nahantu, we will undoubtedly encounter various challenging enemies, culminating in an epic battle against Mephisto, the lord of hatred and notorious overlord of this domain.

More Information on July 18th

The upcoming campfire chat on July 18th will go into details about the new class, Spiritborn, as well as the connected area (Nahantu) and possibly some other details or interesting lore. This is definitely an exciting time for any Diablo fan, as the team will not only reveal new details but also talk about upcoming features for Season 5. So stay tuned!