Golem Mastery, DPS Meters, Map Overlay and More: Lead Class Designer Interview

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Our own Necromancer minion master GhazzyTV had the opportunity to interview Lead Class Designer Adam Jackson, along with Darth Microtransactions!

The interview went in-depth on many topics, with Jackson sharing the design intent behind many of Blizzard’s decisions and potential future plans. Here are just some of the topics covered:

  • The crazy stackable Golem Mastery rank items were brought up. They were present on the PTR and will be removed for the actual season release, but you’ll still be able to get a pretty high passive rank nonetheless, just not 20+ high.
  • The endgame was tackled as well, with the difficulty of retaining players, the nature of aspirational goals as opposed to direct item rewards, the limitations of creating new content, and more being touched on.
  • Skill changes were also brought up, but the focus is on the item side of things right now, as you might expect.
  • DPS meters are a hot topic, and they’re not entirely ruled out.
  • An even hotter topic, the map overlay from previous games, was also discussed, and it’s not entirely off the table.

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