Player Strikes Gold with Uber Unique Featuring 4 Greater Affixes

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A stroke of luck in Sanctuary as a player loots an Uber Unique with 4 Greater Affixes!

In an exciting turn of events, Reddit user Any-Grapefruit-3750 has looted an exceptionally rare DoombringerDoombringer. This isn’t just any DoombringerDoombringer; this Uber Unique has 4 Greater Affixes: +26.2% Damage, +29.2% Core Damage, +39.0% Maximum Life, and a Lucky Hit: Up to a 5% Chance to Heal +1,587 Life.

Ok so I didn’t think these perfect god rolls existed on Ubers but I guess I might have one of the few perfect god roll primals.
byu/Any-Grapefruit-3750 indiablo4

While it’s not the first of its kind this season, the rarity of such a drop makes it noteworthy. Have you seen any Uber Uniques this season? Let us know in the comments!