The Lootless Butcher

StarymAvatar by Starym

With the big guy becoming less and less of a threat as the season continues, some players have been complaining about his loot not being that impressive. But what’s worse than un-impressive loot? Well, no loot at all, obviously!

The Butcher had one of his encore appearances, as he joined the boss fight in Sarat’s Lair. GoldeSin took him down first but then proceeded to get absolutely no loot from him. The boss dropped his usual stuff as well as the end of dungeon rewards, but the Butcher shared nothing!

Apparently this has happened to other players as well. The Butcher does have a tendency to show up in boss rooms, as we’ve seen many reports of that, but it seems in certain cases he just doesn’t drop his loot. One of the theories why this happens is that since he spawned during the boss fight the game classified him as one of the adds the boss spawns, and they can’t drop loot. It also may be due to players killing him first, as some say you just can’t get drops in a boss room during the fight. It’s unclear why this happens, but perhaps if you do run into him, try killing him after the boss!