The “Uber” Treasure Goblin

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Treasure Goblins

Here’s another rarity, as things just seem to be growing in Diablo 4! We recently took a look at an “Uber” Butcher, but this time it’s a Treasure Goblin that got the enlargement treatment as a player ran into the definitely biggest goblin we’ve ever seen!

Ok-Adeptness-2526 ran across the same conditions that saw other players get some giant Butchers. The Avenger Nightmare Dungeon affix pumped up this “Schatzgoblin” to truly giant size!

Source: Great Goblin?.

The affix empowers and enlarges nearby monsters as you kill others, and it seems and the group took down quite a few enemies while chasing this guy. Unfortunately for them, the increase in size did not amount to an increase in loot. To quote Ok-Adeptness, “How Rare is this Goblin and why he give Dogs**t Loot ?”

Avenger has certainly turned out to be one of the more fun affixes, as we’ve already seen many players be very surprised by the large Butchers they encountered, and now we’ve seen goblins as well! Then again, there’s that one theory where the Butcher actually IS a Treasure Goblin so there may be more of a connection here than we think!

Have you run into some giant goblins or Butchers?