Are Butchers and Treasure Goblins Connected and Showing Up Together?

Starym Avatar by Starym

We’re taking a look at whether two of the most iconic Diablo 4 monsters, the Butcher and Treasure Goblins, always show up together in dungeons, as the theory has been around since launch.

The Butchblin Theory

Ok so the name I made up myself. But the theory has been talked about for a long time now. The idea is that if there’s a Butcher in your dungeon – there’s Treasure Goblin too! And vice-versa. We’ve seen many, many reports of exactly this, and a lot of players are convinced. If you only saw one of them in your run, you just weren’t thorough enough in your exploration! Or maybe the goblin ran away! Or the Butcher bugged out/timed out and didn’t show up/left! That’s how the theory goes, anyway.

One of the better in-lore explanations was offered by BlueRoo42, positing that the Butcher is in dungeons in the first place because he’s hunting the goblins. It also reiterates the many times the two were seen together in dungeons. Alternatively, the goblins are following the butcher around to gather loot from fallen heroes he kills, as per egeince35!

The theory was later expanded to be one-way. This means that it’s only if you see the Butcher that you’ll see a goblin as well, not the other way around.

There’s also a third option, as the Butcher’s recent… avoidant behavior would seem to suggest he may just be an overgrown goblin himself!

The Dissenting Opinions

Now, for as many players as would swear there’s a connection, there are just as many, if not more, who disagree. Each of the threads talking about this theory has many comments about players being sure they checked everything in a dungeon with a Butcher or goblin and not having found the other. There are even those that claim they never saw them together in all their playtime!

There are many more like this as well.

Our Verdict

While we can’t say anything for 100% certain, there does seem to be enough truth here to warrant discussion. While it’s looking very clear that the Butcher-goblin connection is not a guaranteed one in dungeons, it does seem to exist! Just based on the many many posts we’ve seen and Butchers we’ve butchered and been butchered by ourselves, we’d say there is indeed an increased Treasure Goblin chance when there’s a Butcher in a dungeon (not in a cellar though). It definitely isn’t a 100% chance, as evidenced from the many comments and our own experience as well.

What do you think of the whole thing? Nonsense superstition or deep and meaningful mystery? Or do you just panic when the Butcher arrives and who has time for goblins then!?