The “Uber” Butcher

Staff Avatar by Staff

We’ve seen all sorts of Butcher encounters since the game released, from a completely peaceful one to the stuck one, the level 1 and so on. Today we have the first spotted seasonal appearance of the giant Butcher, or as players have started calling it the “Uber” Butcher.

A Barbarian ran into the giant version of the red guy and managed to get him to his maximum size very quickly!

We’ve actually already seen this empowered Butcher before, as the Avenger Nightmare Dungeon affix enlarges him for each monster kill near him, and there are plenty above. We can’t really tell if he’s larger than the last time we saw this, but it’s likely he’s actually the same size. Either way, the “Uber” title seems very apt for this, as the scare factor is definitely increased by a lot!

On another note, should the game actually have an Uber Butcher as a boss? Considering how he’s pretty much D4’s mascot it may be a good idea. What do you think?

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