PvP Combat Overview in Diablo 4

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PvP, or player vs. player combat, will be present in Diablo 4, as confirmed by the announcements at Blizzcon.



This page will be updated as more information becomes available throughout BlizzCon and beyond.


PvP in Diablo 4

The developers have confirmed that PvP will be available in Diablo 4 and, given that it was included since the start of the game's development, it will likely work better than it does now in Diablo 3.

The classes were each developed with PvP in mind, according to one of the developer interviews at BlizzCon.


Open World PvP

The official FAQ had the following question asked, which points towards there being open world PvP that players can opt into.

Will there be PvP?

Yes. Yes. Some areas of the world will offer opt-in PvP experiences where you'll need to watch your back while you adventure.


PvP Rewards

Currently, no rewards have been confirmed for PvP in Diablo 4.


PvP Class Balance

The Systems and Features panel at BlizzCon confirmed that the pool of talents, skills, and items will be the same for PvP as in PvE, but the expected builds will likely be very different.

The balance patches and rulesets for each class will have the same effect in both PvP and PvE, rather than separate balancing.


Guides for PvP in Diablo 4

As development moves on and PvP testing becomes available, we will add guides for each class, with their best gear, skill, and talent setups for PvP.



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