Hearthstone World Championship Standings

With the format clarified and the competition in full effect, Blizzard has provided an official leaderboard for point standings in the quest to reach the year-end Hearthstone World Championship.

Read more Published by Odinn on 2015/03/02
Coming Soon: WoW Token - In-Game Subscription Currency

After years of issues with gold selling in WoW and an emerging market for in-game resale of game time subscription cards, Blizzard is firing back with an official item - purchasable through the in-game Shop - that can be bought and sold for WoW gold on the Auction House.

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New WoW Recruit-A-Friend Reward

Blizzard has added a ninth reward option to the Recruit-A-Friend program, this time in the form of a new mount.

Read more Published by Odinn on 2015/02/27
WoW Patch 6.1 Hotfixes - Feb 25, 2015

Blizzard released a series of hotfixes yesterday to various errors that cropped up after Patch 6.1 was released on Tuesday, as well as some minor tweaks to a handful of Blackrock Foundry encounters.

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Hearthstone Patch

A small Hearthstone patch was deployed today, including the February card back graphic, minor bug fixes, and the much-anticipated improvements to Spectator Mode.

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Icy Veins Hearthstone Crafting Guides Updated

Over in our Hearthstone section, you will find a specific guide for each class on card crafting - which options you should prioritize as you build out your collection to ensure you can take advantage of the strongest and most versatile deck archetypes from that class. All nine have been recently updated!

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All Class and Garrison Guides Updated for Patch 6.1

With Patch 6.1 going live on servers today come a variety of class-specific changes and a number of Garrison improvements and upgrades. All of our class guides and Garrison guides are being brought up-to-date for all of the 6.1 changes.

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Sottle's Weekly Meta Analysis - Week of 15/02/2015 - 22/02/2015

Hello again friends! Welcome back to a weekly article where I discuss what's hot, what's not and how you should be building decks to fight back against the meta.

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6.1 Legendary Follower Spoilers

Blizzard has posted a short blog update on what to expect from the legendary quest line continuation coming in 6.1: Brief details on the Legendary Follower, Gul'dan's ongoing plot, and the related garrison details...

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Blackrock Foundry Progression Race [5]

The race is over, and we have a winner in the quest to defeat Mythic Blackhand. There are some ongoing discussions about part of how the kill was achieved, however...

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