Should Mythic Raiding Be Flexible?

When Blizzard announced their raid game restructuring for Warlords of Draenor at BlizzCon 2013, they made major adjustments to Raid Finder and the once-Normal, now-Heroic difficulty - introducing flexibility so that in LFR, Normal, and Heroic raiding, any number of players from 10 to 25 (later upped to 30) could get together and raid. The 'hardcore' difficulty, now referred to as Mythic, would be exclusively for a fixed group of 20 players. But should it be?

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Well Met! Episode 3 (Hearthstone Podcast)

Hot on the heels of the final Blackrock Mountain card reveal comes a new episode of Well Met! If you missed it previously, you can see the original post about it here - otherwise, jump on in to learn about Episode 3!

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Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain Patch Notes

The official patch notes for today's update preparing the Hearthstone client for Blackrock Mountain are now available, and alongside the adventure itself and numerous bug fixes are both an expected change to Warsong Commander (more of a fix than anything), and an unexpected buff to Bane of Doom!

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Heirloom Stat Adjustment Hotfix

As part of today's maintenance, Blizzard is increasing the item level of heirlooms between levels 91 and 100 to make them more competitive with things like dungeon drops as you progress to max level.

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Hearthstone April Ranked Play Season

A surprise card back and theme were announced today for the April Hearthstone season - 'Sweet, Sweet Victory!' This is the 13th official live Hearthstone season, beginning at midnight PDT tonight.

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April 2015 - This Month in WoW

Every month and season brings some unique, time-limited content and opportunities to the World of Warcraft. Blizzard has highlighted a handful of world events and special occurrences coming up in the month of April for WoW players.

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Blackrock Mountain Cards All Revealed

Hearthstone Community Managers Zeriyah and Whirthun were on stream this morning over on Twitch to reveal the remainder of the cards coming out with Blackrock Mountain. We have the complete card list in this article, and will follow up with any information on which cards are coming out each week as soon as possible.

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Sottle's Weekly Meta Analysis - Week of 22/03/2015 - 29/03/2015

Hey guys, long time no see! After a somewhat lengthy hiatus, i'm back with more analysis to help you understand and conquer the tricky concept that is the meta of Hearthstone.

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Deck Spotlight #1

Greetings travellers! Welcome to a new series of articles where I highlight some of the new Deck Guide additions to the site, and give you some info on their strengths, weaknesses and history.

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Blackrock Mountain Release Date - April 2

The Blackrock Mountain Hearthstone adventure goes live on April 2, 2015. There are a total of five wings, so with the first wing releasing next week, the complete adventure will be available effective April 30, 2015.

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