Heroes of the Storm - Lt. Morales Patch, Artanis, and Sale

The Lt. Morales Heroes of the Storm patch went live today (October 6), along with the balance changes from the PTR. You can purchase and play Lt. Morales in-game now, and further hero scaling and death timer changes remain in test for you to experiment with (that will not go in to the game prior to BlizzCon). We also learned that Artanis will be available for playing starting October 20 for players who have pre-purchased Legacy of the Void!

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Heroes of the Storm Test Map - October 6

In addition to the upcoming changes with Lt. Morales from the PTR (see PTR notes here), Blizzard is now considering increasing early game death timers and flattening per-level stat gains in the earliest parts of each game. They are being tested for potential inclusion in a future patch, and you can experience them on the current PTR (and will remain there when the Lt. Morales launch occurs).

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Hearthstone Patch Notes -

A minor Hearthstone patch released yesterday that included the new September and eSports card backs, new card filtering options, and some animation updates.

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European 'Road to BlizzCon' 2015 October 3-4

The finals for the European regional segments of the 'Road to BlizzCon' in Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, and World of Warcraft take place this upcoming weekend - October 3 and 4 - in Prague.

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Heroes of the Storm PTR Patch Notes - Sept 24

A new patch has hit the Heroes of the Storm PTR, including Lt. Morales and several map changes! Some of these are pretty significant (like Overgrowth disabling the Core on Garden of Terror!), so take a look at the complete notes for more information.

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Lt. Morales (Medic) Coming to the Heroes PTR Soon!

Blizzard has confirmed on the Heroes of the Storm Twitter account that Lt. Morales - the StarCraft Medic - will be hitting the Heroes PTR soon. A video preview of her kit and general run down of her style of play was released as well.

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New Heroes, Skins, and Mounts Coming Soon

Blizzard unveiled the next batch of Heroes, skins, and mounts coming to Heroes of the Storm this morning, including first looks at the Medic (named Lt. Morales), Artanis, new skins for Raynor and Falstad, and FIVE new mounts! Check the video below out to see them for yourself.

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BlizzCon In-Game Goodies Round-Up

The in-game rewards for attending BlizzCon or purchasing a Virtual Ticket have been finalized and revealed today over on the BlizzCon site. You can look forward to Murkidan in World of Warcraft, the Nexus Battle Beast mount in Heroes of the Storm, an all-new Hearthstone card back, StarCraft portraits, and a pennant/pet/portrait trio in Diablo!

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Battle.net and Twitch Integration

Official Battle.net integration has arrived on Twitch.tv! A simple process allows you to hook your Twitch.tv account up to your Battle.net account for a promotional portrait, with further promotions and details potentially to come in the future.

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BlizzCon Opening Week - October 28 to November 1

With the growing number of Blizzard eSports scenes, compressing all of their finals in to BlizzCon itself ceased to be viable last year. This year, Heroes of the Storm further complicates an already packed schedule - thus, Blizzard will be hosting a full week of eSports content leading up to BlizzCon as the 'Opening Week'! The first rounds of each of the four tournaments will play out from October 28 to November 1.

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