Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this website?

The purpose of site is to make you a better raider. We provide you with a centralised resource where you can find up to date guides, written with care, for many PvE aspects in World of Warcraft.

Who is it intended for?

This site is intended for everyone interested in playing PvE in World of Warcraft. We provide encounter guides with different point of views: raid leader, dps, tank, and healer. We also provide raiding and leveling guides for various classes and specialisations.

Are you writing by experience or is it all just theory?

Every guide we have written on that site has been derived from the experience we obtained by playing a certain class or fighting a certain boss. It does not mean that we do not mention in our guides things that we researched and have not encountered while playing the game, but every guide is written mostly after our own experiences.

Will the content be kept up to date?

The content will be kept up to date with the latest patches. We will also keep outdated guides untouched for posterity.

How often will new articles be released?

We are working on the site every day, so you can expect new content and updates every week.

How certain can I be of the validity of the information found on your website?

Just try one of our guides and see for yourself whether it was of any use to you.

I disagree with one of your suggestions!

Please mail the author of the incriminated guide. You will find the e-mail address of that person below the title of the guide. Or, you can always send an e-mail to

Can I copy one of your guide on my guild's website or my personal website?

You can copy our content only on websites that do not have commercial purposes. Guild websites and personal blogs are not considered to have commercial purposes. When copying one of our guides, you need to clearly state that the article is a copy from Icy Veins and you need to give a clearly visible link to the URL where the article is located on our website.

Can I translate your articles on my website?

We authorise translations of our articles. The translated article must clearly mention that the original article is from Icy Veins and a link to the original article on Icy Veins must be clearly visible in the translated article.