Butcher Mount Armor With Trophy Size Increased!

StarymAvatar by Starym

We’ve already taken a look at the new patch 1.1 Butcher mount armor. The patch also had a slightly stealthy change to the Butcher’s mount trophy cleaver, as its size more than doubled! The new armor is very much in demand, and drops from at least the big guy himself. The trophy, on the other hand, does drop from other sources as well, like Treasure Goblins, and has been in the game since launch.

Now we get to see them together, as NargothTheGrim managed to get them both!

And here’s the pre-patch trophy size, with a very useful size comparison to the actual Butcher as well, courtesy of varbaveri.

So, are we liking the new mount armor and the new trophy size? And more importantly, anyone got both yet?