Extremely Lucky Player Gets 2 Shakos (Harlequin Crest) in 2 Duriel Kills

Starym Avatar by Starym

Uber Uniques may have gotten more common since Season 2 introduced the new way to farm them via the new bosses. However, they’re still a pretty rare sight, with some players needing hundreds of Duriel runs to get one. But, as with all Diablo games, ultimate luck does exist!

SkylarAum killed Duriel twice solo, and got the coveted Shako both times!

And, of course, SkylarAum didn’t even know how rare the drop was:

“I’m unfortunately fighting down votes. But my only proof is the screenshots in the thread to my friend, when I got both. No real reason to lie, I just didn’t know how rare it was, considering it happened so easily for me.”

In the middle of the spectrum we have regular players that need quite a few runs to get even one Uber Unique, let alone a Shako. And then, on the EXTREME other side of the spectrum, we have players like this:

So, where are you on the RNG loot spectrum? Average? Super lucky? Cursed by Diablo himself?