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How to Farm Uber Uniques (Season 4)

Here Is What to Do for a Higher Chance of Getting Uber Uniques!




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Uber Uniques are the rarest and most powerful items in Diablo 4. They have unique effects that can drastically change your build and gameplay. However, Uber Uniques are extremely hard to find and only have around a 2% chance to drop from farming endgame or certain bosses. Two of these bosses are Uber Duriel, and Uber Andariel, who have a higher chance of dropping Uber Uniques than any other boss in the game.

Uber Bosses are some of the most challenging but rewarding bosses in Diablo 4. To fight them, you need to reach a decent level and access World Tier 4 (Torment difficulty). Additionally, you also have to collect the necessary materials in order to summon Uber versions of Duriel or Andariel in their dungeon lair. Once all the requirements are met, you can farm these bosses for a chance of getting one or more Uber Uniques.

Requirements and Preparation

If you want to obtain Uber Uniques through killing bosses, keep in mind that they have a higher chance of dropping from Uber Duriel, King of Maggots, and Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish. However, Uber bosses can not be summoned in any World Tier lower than WT4 (Torment difficulty). To summon them, you will need to farm the following materials.

To summon Uber Duriel:

To summon Uber Andariel:

Mucus Slick Eggs: Varshan

Mucus-Slick Eggs drop from The Echo of Varshan in World Tier 4. Varshan is Level 75, and can be summoned inside the Malignant Burrow, right next to the Tree of Whispers. You will need the following materials in order to summon Varshan:

The Gurgling HeadGurgling Head, Blackened FemurBlackened Femur, and Trembling HandTrembling Hand are parts of Varshan’s body that can be obtained when defeating Grotesque Debtors during Whispers of the Dead objectives. We recommend target-farming Whispers alongside Helltides, as you will be able to complete many of them simultaneously and have plenty of chances of dropping said body parts. Additionally, you can also visit the Alchemist to craft a Malignant Body Cache, which will contain one of the three body parts.

The Malignant HeartMalignant Heart, on the other hand, can drop from Whisper Caches, but only in World Tier 4. To receive a Whisper Cache, simply complete 10 Whispers of the Dead objectives and then head back to the Tree of Whispers. Again, we would recommend farming Whispers within active Helltide zones, for extra efficiency.

Tormented Varshan

Varshan can also be summoned in his Tormented form, which will require the following items:

Tormented Boss versions will be Level 200 and reward more items than their normal versions. Moreover, Tormented Echoes (bosses) can also drop materials required for summoning Uber Duriel, and the first time you defeat any Tormented Echo, you will receive one Resplendent SparkResplendent Spark as a first-time reward (account-bound).

Shards of Agony: Grigoire

Shards of Agony drop from Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint in World Tier 4. Grigoire is Level 75, and can be summoned inside the Hall of the Penitent, south of Ked Bardu. You will need the following materials in order to summon Grigoire:

Living Steel can only be obtained during Helltide events, by opening Tortured Gifts of Living Steel Chests. Those chests are similar to Helltide Mystery Chests. They cost 275 Cinders to open, and are located in specific zones inside Helltide. Only two chests are active at the same time. In order to know the locations they can spawn, you can check our Living Steel chest locations guide.

In World Tier 3, five living steel items will drop from each chest, with the possibility of up to two more randomly dropping; in World Tier 4, you will likewise receive 5 living steel items per chest, with the chance of up to five more dropping.

If you can, try to participate in any Helltide event you encounter, and focus on farming 275+ Cinders in order to open at least one Tortured Gift of Living Steel per Helltide.

Furthermore, if you can team up with other players, we highly recommend it, as any of these materials can be traded, and only one player inside the party needs to possess all of them in order to summon the bosses. This way, you can exchange the needed materials and target-farm the bosses to collect as many items as possible for Uber Duriel or Uber Andariel. Make sure to farm for more than one, this way you maximize your farming time by facing the bosses multiple times in a row.

Tormented Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint

Grigoire can also be summoned in his Tormented form, which will require the following items:

Sandscorched Shackles: Lord Zir

Sandscorched Shackles drop from Lord Zir, a Level 80 boss. To summon him, acquire 9x Exquisite BloodExquisite Blood from World Bosses or Legion Events. Then, travel to the Darkened Way near Kyovashad, where you will find Lord Zir.

Tormented Lord Zir

To summon the Tormented version of Lord Zir, the following materials are required:

Pincushioned Dolls: Beast in the Ice

Pincushioned Dolls drop from The Beast in the Ice, a Level 85 boss monster. To summon him, you must first complete a Nightmare dungeon of Tier 30 or higher. Once the dungeon is completed, you will be able to craft Glacial Fissure Nightmare sigils with 9x Distilled FearDistilled Fear and 250 Sigil PowderSigil Powder. The Beast in the Ice Boss can then be encountered at the end of your Glacial Fissure Nightmare Dungeon runs.

Tormented Beast in the Ice

If you are up for the challenge, the Beast in the Ice is also available in Tormented form and requires the following summoning materials:

Summoning Uber Duriel

Once you have farmed enough Mucus-Slick Eggs and Shards of Agony, head to the south of Kehjistan, next to Gea Kul, and travel to the Gaping Crevasse dungeon.

Inside, head to the Altar. If you are in a party, only one player will have to interact with the Altar in order to use the materials. This will then summon Uber Duriel, and the fight will begin!

Tormented Duriel

Duriel can also be summoned in his Tormented form, which will require the following items:

If you wish to know more details about Uber Duriel’s mechanics and how to defeat him, take a look at our guide below.

Uber Duriel Boss Guide

Summoning Uber Andariel

Andariel is another boss that will have the same Uber Unique drop pool as Duriel. To face Andariel, players must venture to the Hanged Man’s Hall in Kehjistan, located near Tarsarak. The summoning ritual involves specific parts that can be obtained from the Beast in the Ice and Lord Zir.

Andariel is available in two versions. Her Uber and Torment versions. The summoning materials necessary depend on the level of her you wish to face.

Uber Andariel requires the following items:

Tormented Andariel

To summon Andariel in her Tormented form, the following items are required:

For more details about Uber Andariel’s mechanics and how to defeat her, check out our guide below.

Uber Andariel Boss Guide

Uber Uniques

Once Uber Duriel is defeated, you will have a higher chance of getting one of the following Uber Uniques as a reward:

Furthermore, Lord Zir and the Beast in the Ice have a small chance of dropping Uber Uniques, and while Tormented Bosses cost three times as many materials to summon, they also yield five times as much loot and have a chance of dropping Uber Uniques.

Crafting Uber Uniques

Through the use of Resplendent SparkResplendent Spark, players can craft any Uber Unique they want. Here is how it works:

After you have spent some time target farming Uber Duriel or Uber Andariel, and collected a number of unwanted or duplicate Uber Uniques, you can salvage them to obtain a new material called Resplendent SparkResplendent Spark, which can be used to create the Uber Unique you want.

When salvaging any Uber Unique, you will get 1 Resplendent SparkResplendent Spark. Once you have collected 5 of those sparks, head to the Alchemist and transmute 5 Resplendent SparkResplendent Spark to create the Uber Unique of your choice. It will also cost you 50 Million Gold to transmute the sparks. However, you will not know the item’s affixes before you craft it.

In addition, the chances of dropping Uber Uniques have increased. If you are bored of farming Uber Bosses, other methods (Whisper Caches, Nightmare Dungeons, etc.) are now more likely to drop Uber Uniques. Good luck!


Uber Uniques are very powerful items that can drastically alter a build or playstyle. They can be extremely challenging to find, but through target farming or killing Uber Duriel and Uber Andariel, players have a higher chance of getting their hands on one of them!

Make sure to team up with other players in order to maximize your farming time and materials obtained. Moreover, don’t hesitate to trade with each other to make sure you can farm Uber Duriel or Uber Andariel multiple times in a row. May the loot be in your favor!

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