Reminder: The Beast in the Ice Drops Paragon Glyph XP

Starym Avatar by Starym

Everyone is focusing on two/three of the new bosses in Season 2, as trying to get those Uber Uniques is definitely a good place to focus your time. And so Echo of Varshan and The Galvanic Saint get all the attention, as players want their mats to summon Duriel.

However, of the two remaining bosses, The Beast in the Ice has some addition benefits aside from its Unique drop table. Since you access it through a Nightmare Dungeon Sigil, it actually awards Paragon Glyph experience when it dies as well. How much XP, you might ask? Well, it’s a pretty significant 140! That’s on top of the item level 900 gear and Unique drop table. That’s the equivalent of a Tier 70 Nightmare Dungeon. To spawn the boss you just need Distilled Fear, which drops from any NMD above tier 30, head to the Occultist with it and craft the Sigil.

And here is the Beast’s Unique drop table as well, if you choose to go for it.

All Classes:






Here’s DukeVerde‘s post reminding us of this little detail.