Trading on Consoles is a Slog

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If you want to trade something for say 1 billion gold on consoles, you’re going to have a bad time. You can only add gold in small increments and will get kicked for inactivity from the game because the whole trade takes quite a long time.

Even the guy who sold the 30 billion gold bow explained how difficult it was to trade billions of gold in on consoles. His transaction took 2 hours because he got kicked out multiple times for inactivity.

A thread about the trading system on console appeared on Reddit, talking about a transaction that of 1 billion gold that takes up a very long time.

A solution to the problem would be if Blizzard increased the gold increments when you hold the arrow for an extended period of time.

Trading system discriminates against console players.
by u/ProximusCenturi in Diablo

How long did your longest trade in Diablo 4 take?