All Helltide Living Steel Chest Locations in Diablo 4 (Season 4)

All Tortured Gift of Living Steel Chest spawn locations!




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During Helltide in World Tier 3 and 4, you can find chests called Tortured Gifts of Living Steel. These chests need 275 Aberrant Cinders to unlock and are very valuable because they contain many Forgotten SoulForgotten Souls, which are needed to re-roll stats on gear, as well as Living Steel.

Living Steel is a material that was introduced in Season 2, the Season of Blood, and is necessary for summoning Grigoire the Saint. Grigoire is one of the bosses you want to farm on World Tier 4. When fighting Grigoire on Torment difficulty (World Tier 4), he will drop Shards of Agony. These Shards are part of the materials that are required to summon the Uber Boss version of Duriel, King of Maggots.

How to Farm Uniques from Bosses

What Is a Tortured Gift of Living Steel Chest?

Living Steel chests are similar to the Mystery chest from Helltide. They have the same look when you get close to them, and they will only appear within an active Helltide. However, while they also have a fixed location on the map, they might not always appear during a Helltide. Only 2 to 3 Living Steel Chests will be active at the same time!

Another important thing to note: If your character dies, half the cinders that have been collected up to this point will be lost. To learn more about Helltides in general, check out our Guide below.

Helltide Guide


Make sure to only check the locations of Living Steel Chests (Tortured Gift of Living Steel) within the same area as the active Helltide (red zone). Please also note that this section will be updated over time, should anything change.

Make sure that, once you get close to a Tortured Gift of Living Steel, the cost of cinders displayed above the chest is 275, in order to verify that it is indeed a Living Steel chest.

Fractured Peaks

12 different locations within the Fractured Peaks.
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10 different locations within Scosglen.
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Dry Steppes

12 different locations within the Dry Steppes.
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18 different locations within Kehjistan.
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12 different locations within Hawezar.
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Tortured Gift of Mysteries

If you are looking for a quick overview of all Mystery Chest locations within Helltides, check out our location guide below.

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