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Avarice, The Gold Cursed – World Boss Guide (Season 4)

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Avarice, The Gold Cursed is one of the world bosses in Diablo 4, a massive and greedy creature that hoards treasure and attacks anyone who dares to approach him. He has a unique mechanic that spawns treasure goblins when he is staggered, tempting players to chase after them and risk losing DPS on the boss. In this guide, we will cover how to find, and defeat Avarice, as well as what rewards you can expect from slaying this world boss.

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Avarice – Location

Avarice can be found in Kehjistan and will spawn in a specific location within the zone known as Seared Basin, located Northeast in Kehjistan, or just all the way North from the Tarsarak Waypoint.

Kehjistan Zone Overview
Avarice D4 World Boss Location Kehjistan

Avarice is only present during its designated spawn hours. You can explore the area before Avarice’s appearance and gather your group before arrival. A helpful tip is that every player will receive a marker and a timer on the map approximately 30 minutes before the World Boss spawns, indicating where to go and how much time is left to get to the location.

Players who want to fight Avarice, The Gold Cursed, should go to the Seared Basin in Kehjistan. When Avarice is ready to appear, a world boss icon will be visible on the map, and the sky will have a golden glow.

It requires at least 12 players to have a chance against this huge monster, or any world boss, for that matter. However, it is not necessary to group up or be in a party in order to take part in the event and obtain rewards afterward.

Remember: You can also use waypoints to travel between regions that have an active world boss.

Once Avarice appears, an event timer will begin, and players that are in the area will automatically participate in the event.

  • When the event begins, the camera will zoom out, indicating that the fight has started.
  • A timer will appear on the screen, indicating how much time remains to defeat the world boss before it retreats underground again.

Avarice – Boss Mechanics

Avarice is a challenging world boss that has multiple phases and abilities. Players have a set amount of time to defeat him before he despawns. The fight will have multiple phases, which are marked by the arrows on the health bar turning upside down and becoming grey.

Avarice Boss Model D4 Kehjistan

Like other bosses, Avarice will have a stagger bar that can be filled by using crowd control effects. Once the stagger bar is full, Avarice will be immobilized for a few seconds, giving players time to use their most powerful attacks during that time.

Ashava stagger bar

The unique mechanic of Avarice during the stagger time is that he will spawn two Treasure Goblins, which have the same loot potential as normally encountered Treasure Goblins. But be careful, chasing after the goblins might mean the loss of valuable time and DPS on the boss.

In the event that a player dies during the fight, they can be revived by other players, or they can choose to revive at the checkpoint, which is located near the boss. However, it is important to note that reviving at the checkpoint will result in gear damage each time.

Fight Mechanics

Avarice presents a challenging fight with eight different mechanics that players should be aware of. Mobility skills and dodging will be essential, as you must be quick to evade hard-hitting attacks.

Below, we go over the most important mechanics that you will have to pay attention to during this fight:

Portal Charge

This is Avarice’s signature attack and the most dangerous one. He summons a portal and goes through it, dealing minor damage. However, when he comes out of the portal a few seconds later, he charges out with great speed and force. If players are hit by this charge, they will either die instantly or take heavy damage and get knocked down. Avoid this attack by moving away from the portal or using defensive skills to reduce the damage.

Chest Swing

This is another powerful attack that Avarice uses. He thrusts his treasure chest forward, then swings it around in a 360 AoE (area of effect) attack. The chest thrust itself is a minor threat, but the swing deals massive damage. You can avoid the swing by standing between the chain and the chest or by standing far away.

Mallet Slam

This is one of Avarice’s simple, but effective attacks. He raises his mallet, and then slams the ground, causing a huge shockwave throughout the area. This is a minor threat by itself, but when there are pillars around, the shockwave causes them to explode, dealing large amounts of damage. Avoid this attack by staying away from the pillars or using defensive skills to reduce the damage.

Mallet Thrust

Avarice will create a shockwave of rocks through the ground in a cone shape. This attack has a very wide range and deals massive damage. There is a slight wind-up period before he does the attack, giving players the chance to evade anywhere but in front of him.


Avarice will swing his mallet around him in a 180 degrees circle, dealing moderate damage. You won’t die upon getting hit, but should try to avoid it nonetheless.

Gold Vomit

Avarice will vomit gold beneath him, leaving a large area of gold on the ground. Do not be fooled, players will not be able to pick up the gold; it will instead deal damage over time to anyone walking into the gold. Avoid it, and walk around!

Ground Stomp

This ability will pull all players in range inside a wind-up attack and deal minor damage. When you see Avarice is about to stomp the ground, try to avoid getting pulled in by keeping some distance between yourself and the boss.


Avarice will summon pillars to obstruct your view and block attacks. The pillars are often used before Mallet Slam, which will trigger the pillars to explode into massive damage. Avoid this attack by staying away from the pillars or using defensive skills to survive incoming damage.


After defeating Avarice, you will receive various rewards, including Scattered PrismScattered Prism, which are rare items used to add gem sockets on certain gear. Moreover, there is a high chance to get Legendary gear, boss materials, temper manuals, and a (weekly) loot box, which contains additional Legendary gear, gold, and gem fragments. The weekly cache even has a chance to drop Unique Items. If you encounter connection issues before the end of the fight or forget to pick up the loot, the rewards will automatically be sent to the stash and can be collected later.

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