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Walking Arsenal Barbarian Endgame Build Guide for Diablo 4 (Season 4)

Become your own personal god of war with the 'Kratos' Barbarian!




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Death BlowRallying CryLeapIron MaelstromLunging StrikeUpheaval

Build Introduction

The Kratos Barb comes back with a vengeance in season 4 thanks to the new tempers. Do you like swinging chains around for huge damage and making the most use out of the Arsenal system? If so, this is the build for you!

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Strong AOE DPS
  • Low ultimate Cooldown
  • Not a triple shout setup
  • Great Mobility
  • Tons of weapon swapping, not able to spam skills
  • Skill rotation is very important
  • Lower defensiveness due to lack of Challenging Shout

To see how this build compares to the other builds on our site, you can check out our build tier lists.

Build Requirements

Optional Uniques
Required Aspects (Non-codex)

Skill Bar and Skill Tree Points

Skill Bar Setup for the Walking Arsenal Build (Order does not matter)
Death Blow Death Blow Rallying Cry Rallying Cry Leap Leap Iron Maelstrom Iron Maelstrom Lunging Strike Lunging Strike Upheaval Upheaval

Follow the points allocated in the image above for the complete 58 point build. The additional 10 skill points are completed using the Renown system.

Arsenal System and Weapon Selection

For the Walking Arsenal Build, we use the two-handed axe Technique to raise our damage against Vulnerable Enemies.

Barbarians have an unique mechanic in Diablo 4 where you can assign a weapon type to certain skills. For our Walking Arsenal build, we will be assigning the following weapons to our skills:

Paragon Board

Starting Board


We do not rotate this board to attach it.


Rotate this board twice before attaching it.

Blood Rage

We’ll connect this board to the north of the Carnage Board. Rotate this board twice before attaching it.


We’ll connect this board to the west of the Carnage Board. Rotate this board once before attaching it.

Weapons Master

We’ll connect this final board to the south of the Carnage Board. Do not rotate this board before attaching it.

To view the paragon boards in their entirety CLICK HERE.

Gear, Gems, Elixirs, and Stats

The Season of Loot Reborn brings us an incredible shift in how gear and itemization are done. It is a major and will affect the game beyond Season 4’s confines. For further details, make sure to read our Tempering and Masterworking section below.

Legendary Aspects

Below you will find all of the best-in-slot Aspects found on Legendary items that are important for this build. Remember that with Patch 1.4.0 all Legendary powers can be added into your Codex once you salvage or extract the item. You can still find some aspects through dungeons as you could in previous seasons but now you have the option to upgrade these affixes if you find a higher roll of that affix. Let us go over what aspects you will need.

SlotGemsLegendary Aspect / Unique ItemsAspect / Unique Effect
HelmRoyal RubyRoyal RubyJuggernaut's AspectJuggernaut’s Aspect– Gain [X] Armor, but your Evade has a 100% increased Cooldown.
ChestRoyal RubyRoyal RubySteadfast Berserker's AspectSteadfast Berserker’s Aspect– Lucky Hit: Up to a 35% chance to gain [X] Fortify whenever you deal direct damage while Berserking
GlovesN/AWeapon Master's AspectWeapon Master’s Aspect– Your Weapon Mastery Skills have an additional Charge. Lucky Hit: Damaging an enemy with a Weapon Mastery Skill has up to a [37-55%] chance to Stun them for 2 seconds.
PantsRoyal RubyRoyal RubyTibault's WillTibault’s Will– You deal [10-20%] increased damage while Unstoppable and for 5 seconds after. When you become Unstoppable, gain 50 of your Primary Resource
BootsN/ARelentless Berserker's AspectRelentless Berserker’s Aspect – Lucky Hit: Damaging an enemy with a Core Skill has up to a [22-40%] chance to extend the duration of Berserking by 2 seconds. Double this duration if it was a Critical Strike.
AmuletRoyal DiamondRoyal DiamondBanished Lord's TalismanBanished Lord’s Talisman– After you spend 275 of your Primary Resource, your next Core Skill is guaranteed to Overpower. Your critical strikes that Overpower deal [20-60%] increased damage.
Ring 1Royal DiamondRoyal DiamondRing of Red FurorRing of Red Furor– After spending 100 Fury within 3 seconds, your next cast of Hammer of the AncientsHammer of the Ancients, UpheavalUpheaval, or Death BlowDeath Blow within 5 seconds is a guaranteed Critical strike and deals [10-30%] bonus Critical Strike Damage.
Ring 2Royal DiamondRoyal DiamondEarthstriker's AspectEarthstriker’s Aspect– After swapping weapons 8 times, your next Non-Basic Skill will Overpower and deal [15-30%] increased Overpower damage.
2-Handed Bludgeoning WeaponRoyal RubyRoyal Ruby OverkillOverkillDeath BlowDeath Blow creates a shockwave, dealing [24-38%] of its base damage to enemies. Enemies who die to this effect also reset Death BlowDeath Blow‘s Cooldown.
2-Handed Slashing WeaponRoyal RubyRoyal RubyAspect of Encroaching WrathAspect of Encroaching Wrath – After spending 100 Fury, your next Weapon Master Skills within 5 seconds deals [40-70%] increased damage.
Dual Wield Weapon 1Royal RubyRoyal RubyEdgemaster’s AspectEdgemaster’s Aspect – Skills deal up to [5-20%] increased damage based on your available Primary Resource when cast, receiving the maximum benefit while you have full Primary Resource
Dual Wield Weapon 2Royal RubyRoyal RubyAspect of Inner CalmAspect of Inner Calm – Deal [5-10%] increased damage. Triple this bonus after standing still for 3 seconds.


Listed below are the best gems to socket into gear for each slot type.

Weapon GemsArmor GemsJewelry Gems
Royal RubyRoyal Ruby for increased Overpower damage.Royal RubyRoyal Ruby for increased maximum life.Royal DiamondRoyal Diamond for all resistances.

For your jewelry, it may be necessary to change the Royal DiamondRoyal Diamond for another gem for a specific type such as Royal SapphireRoyal Sapphire to ensure all of your resistances are capped at 70%

Which Elixirs Should You Use?

Visit the Alchemist in any main town to craft helpful Elixirs that increase stats, and experience gain for 30 minutes. Make sure to forage plants and pick up the necessary crafting materials during your adventures; they randomly spawn around the world. Use an Elixir providing any Resistance you need most, or the Elixir of Destruction which increases your Overpower damage. Craft the highest Elixir of Destruction you can

Return to the Alchemist again when you reach Level 20, 30, 45, 60, 70, 80 and 90, to upgrade your potion. The extra healing is essential to survival.

Gear Choice and Stat Priority

With all of these new systems in mind, let us dive into what stats we want on gear, what tempers we would like, and what stat we would prefer to be pumped either through a Greater Affix or through Masterworking. Affixes that are bolded in yellow are the most important targets for Masterworking upgrades. The tempering manuals you need to apply the affixes will be linked next to each affix we want.

SlotGear AffixesTempering Affixes
Helm1. Cooldown Reduction
2. Strength
3. Ranks to Death Blow
1. Needed Resistance Natural ResistanceNatural Resistance
2. Maximum Life Worldly EnduranceWorldly Endurance
Chest1. Strength
2. Maximum Life
3. Needed Resistance
1. Needed Resistance Natural ResistanceNatural Resistance
2. Maximum Life Worldly EnduranceWorldly Endurance
Gloves1. Critical Strike Chance
2. Lucky Hit Chance
3. Attack Speed
1. Damage When Swapping Weapons Arsenal FinesseArsenal Finesse
2. Lucky Hit: Chance to Stun for 2 Seconds Worldly FortuneWorldly Fortune
Pants1. Strength
2. Maximum Life
3. Needed Resistance
1. Needed Resistance Natural ResistanceNatural Resistance
2. Maximum Life Worldly EnduranceWorldly Endurance
Boots1. Movement Speed
2. Strength
3. Maximum Life
1. Movement Speed Natural MotionNatural Motion
2. Lucky Hit: Chance to Stun for 2 Seconds Worldly FortuneWorldly Fortune
Amulets1. Cooldown Reduction
2. Attack Sped
3. Movement Speed
1. Damage When Swapping Weapons Arsenal FinesseArsenal Finesse
2. Iron Maelstrom Cooldown Reduction Ultimate Efficiency — BarbarianUltimate Efficiency — Barbarian
Rings1. Critical Strike Chance
2. Attack Speed
3. Lucky Hit Chance
1. Damage When Swapping Weapons Arsenal FinesseArsenal Finesse
2. Iron Maelstrom Cooldown Reduction Ultimate Efficiency — BarbarianUltimate Efficiency — Barbarian
2-Handed Bludgeoning Weapon1. Strength
2. Fury on Kill
3. Maximum Life
1. Damage When Swapping Weapons Arsenal FinesseArsenal Finesse
2. Upheaval Size Furious AugmentsFurious Augments
2-Handed Slashing Weapon1. Strength
2. Fury on Kill
3. Maximum Life
1. Damage When Swapping Weapons Arsenal FinesseArsenal Finesse
2. Upheaval Size Furious AugmentsFurious Augments
Dual-Wield Weapons1. Strength
2. Fury on Kill
3. Maximum Life
1. Damage When Swapping Weapons Arsenal FinesseArsenal Finesse
2. Upheaval Size Furious AugmentsFurious Augments

Rotation and Playstyle

This build requires a bit of finesse to make sure we’re maintaining our Walking ArsenalWalking Arsenal buff. Let’s run our skills down.

Uniques and Uber Uniques

Below you will find information on Uniques and Uber Uniques that are useful for this build. Moreover, if you are interested in target farming Uber Uniques, check out our How to Farm Uber Uniques guide.


Below you will find the unique items useful to this build to provide more damage for specific abilities or overall utility.

Uber Uniques

Here you will find the uber unique items that are useful to this build. If an uber unique is NOT listed here, it is not useful to this build and does not provide any meaningful increase or effect.

  • Harlequin CrestHarlequin Crest – The most sought after helm in all Diablo 4. If you’re one of the fortunate ones to acquire this, it boosts all of your skills which for this build is a huge boon and provides some more cooldown and damage reduction which is more rare in Season 4.
  • The GrandfatherThe Grandfather – An extremely powerful 2-Handed Slashing Weapon. Edgemaster’s AspectEdgemaster’s Aspect is dropped entirely and replace with Aspect of Encroaching WrathAspect of Encroaching Wrath if you’re fortunate enough to loot one of these amazing swords.

Season 4: Loot Reborn

Unlike past seasons there is no overarching theme for season 4 as Blizzard is focused on the absolutely massive loot overhaul which is sure to change the game in big ways. There will also be a reputation to be gained with the new Ironwolves during Helltides and this faction grants several tempering manuals and even a resplendent spark! Below are the changes relevant to this build.

  • Barbarian’s innate 10% Damage Reduction has been removed
  • Banished Lord's TalismanBanished Lord’s Talisman ‘s resource required to guarantee an Overpower reduced to 275 from 300. Damage bonus reduced from 80-120% to 20-60%
  • Tibault's WillTibault’s Will damage bonus reduced from 20-40% to 10-20% but damage increase persists for 1 second longer after being Unstoppable
  • Two-Handed Axe Technique’s damage to Vulnerable enemies reduced from 15% to 10%
  • Blood RageBlood Rage damage increased by Berserking bonus reduced from 25% to 10% and now caps at 30%
  • Earthstriker's AspectEarthstriker’s Aspect damage bonus reduced from 35-50% to 15-30%
  • Aspect of the Relentless ArmsmasterAspect of the Relentless Armsmaster Fury generation increased from 20-35% to 35-65%

Advanced Information

Below, you will find every additional piece of information you need to know for a more in-depth look at this build.

Mechanics and Playstyle

This build is a lot more involved than it might first appear. We want to benefit from the build’s namesake passive Walking ArsenalWalking Arsenal as much as possible. This requires us to swap weapons constantly, something that should come fairly easily. We’ll use Lunging StrikeLunging Strike through our Dual Wield Weapons to proc this, use our 2-Handed Mace for UpheavalUpheaval and lastly use our 2-Handed Slashing Weapon for Death BlowDeath Blow. Our ultimate skill of choice, Iron MaelstromIron Maelstrom should have an incredibly high uptime thanks to the new tempering system and its associated affixes which will provide us with a high damage ultimate that also activates our key passive for us by using all weapon types.

We will also use Earthstriker's AspectEarthstriker’s Aspect for even more damage. Though nerfed in Patch 1.4.0 this still retains a solid amount of power for this build. Be sure to snag Weapon Master's AspectWeapon Master’s Aspect to get a second charge on Death BlowDeath Blow to ensure we’ll always have it available. Once you have a solid OverkillOverkill we’ll want to use Death BlowDeath Blow more frequently due to the increased power this unique provides, especially on bosses and single target Elites. We use our LeapLeap for mobility and to proc Aggressive ResistanceAggressive Resistance for survival.

This build plays very differently from more traditional Barbarian builds as it forgoes the triple shout setup and only opts to use Rallying CryRallying Cry for some faster move speed and resource gen to help cast more Upheavals and keep our arsenal bonuses going. This may appeal more to some players who have grown tired of the three shout meta.


We recommend using these Legendary nodes and Rare Glyphs to truly take this build into the endgame. Note that each Rare Glyph’s information listed below is for the Level 21 version.

Rare Glyphs and Legendary NodesEffect
MightMight– Grants + [125%] bonus to all Magic Nodes within Range
– Additional Bonus after 40 Strength points are purchased within the glyph’s range: You deal x8% increased damage while wielding Two-Handed Weapons
ExploitExploit– For every 5 Dexterity purchased within range, you deal + [8%] increased damage to Vulnerable targets
– Additional Bonus after 25 Dexterity points are purchased within the glyph’s range: When an enemy is damaged by you, they become Vulnerable for 3 seconds. This cannot happen more than once every 20 seconds per enemy
IreIre– For every 5 Strength purchased within range, you deal + [5.3%] increased Damage While Berserking
– Additional Bonus after 40 Strength points are purchased within the glyph’s range: While Berserking, you take 10% reduced damage from Elites
TerritorialTerritorial– For every 5 Dexterity purchased within range, you deal + [10%] increased damage to Close targets
– Additional Bonus after 25 Dexterity points are purchased within the glyph’s range: You gain 15% Damage Reduction against Close Enemies
Mortal DrawMortal Draw– For every 5 Dexterity purchased within range, Skills that Swap to a different weapon deal + [16.5%] increased damage
– Additional Bonus after 25 Dexterity points are purchased within the glyph’s range: Swapping weapons has an 18% chance to cause the Skill’s damage to Critically Strike
UndauntedUndaunted– For every 5 Willpower purchased within range, you deal + [8%] increased damage while Fortified
– Additional bonus after 25 Willpower points are purchased within the glyph’s range: You gain 10% Damage Reduction the more Fortify you have
CarnageCarnage– While Berserking, Critical Strikes increase your Attack Speed by +2%, up to +16% for 6 seconds
Blood RageBlood Rage– Killing a Bleeding enemy has a 10% chance to grant Berserking for 5 seconds. Your damage is increased by x10% of your Damage While Berserking Bonus, up to x30%
DecimatorDecimator– Each time you make an enemy Vulnerable, your damage is increased by 10% for 5 seconds. Overpowering a Vulnerable enemy grants an additional x10% bonus for 5 seconds

Starting Board

  1. We begin by heading right and picking up BrawnBrawn and its associated Magic nodes.
  2. We head north from here and unlock the glyph socket to slot in MightMight.
  3. Next we’ll grab enough strength including Raw PowerRaw Power and Iron StrengthIron Strength around the glyph radius to activate it.
  4. We then head down to pick up TenacityTenacity and its surrounding Magic nodes.
  5. Finally we exit the board on the right side and connect Warbringer.


  1. A fairly straight forward board we head up and left to grab the socket immediately and slot in ExploitExploit.
  2. Next we head down to grab ConditionedConditioned and its all resist Magic nodes.
  3. Then we will grab all the good Dexterity nodes to activate our glyph including Raw PowerRaw Power and the Magic nodes around it.
  4. Finally we head up and out to the left and connect the Carnage Board.


  1. Don’t be intimidated this is the most complex and central board and we’ll be bouncing back and forth with it. We start by just heading left grabbing BerserkerBerserker and then the legendary node itself, CarnageCarnage.
  2. Now we will continue left from CarnageCarnage and unlock the socket, slotting in IreIre.
  3. We grab as much strength in its radius as possible including the surrounding rare nodes FierceFierce and BrashBrash.
  4. First we make our way north picking up EnragedEnraged and the Magic nodes around it before connecting the Blood Rage board at the north gate. We will come back to Carnage after finishing the Blood Rage Board.
  5. After finishing Blood Rage, head south from CarnageCarnage and connect the Weapons Master Board to the southern gate.
  6. After finishing Weapons Master, head west from the glyph socket and connect the Decimator Board here and at long last we’re finished with this central and complex board.

Blood Rage

  1. We take a short detour up and right to grab EnragedEnraged and the surrounding Rare nodes.
  2. Now we head left and up to the board’s namesake glyph Blood RageBlood Rage.
  3. Next we continue our trek left and up to unlock the glyph socket and slot in TerritorialTerritoria.
  4. Lastly we finish the board by snagging all the good rare nodes such as GritGrit and RevelRevel and enough Dexterity to unlock the bonus of our glyph and then we head back to the Carnage Board.

Weapons Master

  1. A straight forward board where we dive immediately left and pick up Raw PowerRaw Power.
  2. Next we shoot for the glyph socket and slot in Mortal DrawMortal Draw.
  3. We pick up the remaining rare node Iron StrengthIron Strength and grab enough dexterity in the glyph radius to activate its secondary effects and then head back to Carnage once completed.


  1. We head straight left and rush the socket here to slot in UndauntedUndaunted.
  2. We head left some more and make our way to the legendary node DecimatorDecimator.
  3. Lastly we fill out the glyph radius with DemolishDemolish and ArroganceArrogance and all the Magic nodes nearby and thus completes our paragon journey!

Tempering and Masterworking

The Season 4 update (Patch 1.4.0) introduces a rework for itemization. Tempering and Masterworking bring the biggest change to itemization since the release of Diablo 4, so make sure you understand the new systems explained in this section.

The amount of affixes on items has been changed to reflect its rarity: Normal Items have no affixes, Magic Items have 1 affix, Rare Items have 2 affixes, Legendary Items have 3 affixes, and Unique Items have 4 affixes. Upgrading a Rare Item to a Legendary Item by imprinting a Legendary Aspect from the Codex of Power will not add a third affix. Therefore, Legendary Items are superior to lower rarity items for a min-maxed character.

Greater Affixes are a newly added mechanic that increases the value of an affix by 50%. Ancestral Legendary Items and Unique Items can now drop with up to 4 Greater Affixes! Search for items with your preferred Greater Affixes to upgrade with Tempering and Masterworking.

Tempering and Masterworking is an important system, even mandatory in the endgame, for character progression. You are able to add 2 additional affixes on any Rare Item or Legendary Item, exclusive to the Tempering System. An Ancestral Legendary Item can have up to 5 total affixes! Unfortunately, Unique Items cannot be tempered to add affixes.

Masterworking uses new crafting materials found in The Pit to further enhance the stats of an item. These upgrades can be applied on an Ancestral Legendary Item that has its Tempering Slots filled out. Unique Items can be upgraded with Masterworking right away, as tempering does not apply to them. Each item has 12 upgrade slots. On upgrade Ranks 4, 8, and 12, a random affix is increased in value by 25%. Every other upgrade Rank applies a 5% increase to all affixes on an item. Attempt to apply the bonus 25% upgrade to your preferred affix multiple times by resetting the Masterworking Ranks to repeat the process.

Obol Gambling

A final point on acquiring gear in Season 4 and beyond is using your Obols to target farm specific slots instead of randomly spending them on random drops. Similar to Kadala in Diablo 3, you can use Obol vendors in town to try and get what you’re missing. With Patch 1.4.0 when a level 100 Character spends Obols, all gear from that vendor will be 925 item power, the highest in the game, allowing you to fill out gear with the affixes or Legendary Aspects you need.

Check out our Obol Gambling Tool HERE!


  • May 7th 2024: Ownership of page transferred, guide restructured, updated for Season 4
  • March 5th 2024: Updates for Patch 1.3.3.
  • January 21st 2024: Season 3 speculative changes.
  • October 27th 2023: Build Creation Season 2.
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