The Ultimate Whodunit: Killed by “!!Missing!!” and “Slain”

StarymAvatar by Starym

Players have been lamenting a proper death log in Diablo 4 for quite a while now. It’s sometimes difficult to figure out just what happened after you die, but today we’re looking at two genuine mysteries as the kills came from something that even the game doesn’t understand, or just couldn’t be bothered to share the info at all!

First off we have Jeffosoft whose party member died to the most dreaded of all of hell’s minions: !!Missing!! – 1134823:Name! An assassin so stealthy that even the game itself couldn’t identify it.


Then there’s the straight-up lazy one, as the game just couldn’t be bothered to even try telling the player what killed them:

Slain indeed. Have you ever encountered one of these peculiar and mysterious deaths?